Okay.! So, My Idea Is That Since Both Movies Are Back To Back.

FINAL DESTINATION 6 - A Girl Has A Premonition Of Boat 180 Expolding and Sinking. She Saves 7 Others Along With Wendy Christensen. (It Is Reveled That Wendy Jumped Onto The Train's Floor, Julie Was Hit By The Wheel, Kevin Jumped Down, After The Wreck, He Pulled Her Out And A Few Years Later, Kevin Went To The Speedway And Was Killed There.) After The First Two Die, Alex Browning Arrvies and Explains How He Faked His "Death" So That Clear Would Move On, But Learned She Died Saving A Group Just Like Them. At The End, Wendy Has A Vision That While In A Super Building (It Has 13 Stories, A Mall, Theater, Cafe, Train Station, Pool) Were They All Die Except Wendy. She Wakes Up And Tries To Save Them. The First Guy Is Hit By The Train As It Broke Through A Wall, Alex Falls Into The Pool, Wires Land In The Pool And Electrocuted Him. At The End, The Final Girl Is Crushed By The Floor. Wendy Thens Stares And Something Grabs Her. END OF MOVIE.

FINAL DESTINATION 7 - A Young Man Has A Premonition Of Building 23 Collapsing(END OF 6TH MOVIE) After His Vision They Leave, He Notices A Girl Standing(Wendy)A Pulls Her Out. Moments Later A Train Flys Through The Window Crushing The First Girl. After 6 Months, The Last 2 Go To A Ski Lodge. Wendy And HER Friend Bump Into The Two And The Final Girl Falls To Death, The Friend Of Wendy Jumps Onto Wendy's Seat But Falls, Only To Sit Up And Then Her Seat Crushes Her, The Visionary Then Falls Along With Wendy But He Dies. Wendy Lives.

Wendy Is The Only Survivor That Has Cheated Death. She Was Meant To See All Of It. And Is The Only Survivor Who Was Meant To Live.

  • She NEVER Dies. She Dies Of Old Age.

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