Final Destination 7

A Girl named Carly Castle has a premonition that Train 082 derails and she Saves 5 of her friends off and when she leaves her cousin Amber's best friend is boarding Train 081 and asks her to leave with Wendy they agree and Kevin sees it and follows and both trains derail.Everyone dies except Wendy and Carly.

1 Month Later

Wendy and Carly are walking and Carly runs across the street but falls, Wendy had dropped her stuff when a truck is about to kill her but something falls and misses but with Carly in the street, the truck kills her, then it runs into a cafe, Wendy runs in to see Nick,Lori and Janet dead(In movie there real bodies are shown) making FD7 before FD6 and Wendy is the Seires Sole Survivor and was meant to see Devil's Flight derail and leave the train and live. 5 Years Later Wendy is shown in her home looking at her classmates photos.


Mike Raines-Impaled by a Fence

Jenny Sullivan-Hit by School Bus

Taylar Cole-Killed in house explosion

Julie Christensen-Head bashed on sink when she slipped

Jake Sane-Hit By Falling Crane(Was supposed to die before Marnie but saved her)

Kevin Fischer-Hit by sign

Marnie Ulmer-When in the hospital there is an explosion and she runs but hits a cart and falls out 7 story window onto the ground.

Carly Castle-Hit by truck

Wendy Christensen-The Final Destination Sole Survivor

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