Quinn Christensen Is A Chearcter In Finale Destination 6. The Sister Of Wendy And Julie Christensen.

Final Destination 6

Quinn Is A Senior At McKinley High School.Friends With Most Everyone At School

She Has The Vision Of Subway Train 13 Derailing.


5 Weeks After Shelia,Amanda,Nate,Brooke,Justin,Luke,Julie,Kevin,and Alex Browning Die, Quinn Goes To See Her Friend Sophia When Wendy Warns Her DEATH Is Still After Them And As A Big Truck Is Hurdiling Towards Her A Scapfold Falls And The Truck Hits And Kills Quinn.... Wendy Is The FINAL DESTINATION SOLE SURVIVOR.


  • At Home Quinn Hears Love Train Playing(FD3 CRedits)
  • Wendy And Quinn Hear There Is SOMEONE lOOKING bEHIND yOU on the train

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