• DericAdrian

    Once in a life time, why not? We've to experience eveything before we die.

    Alfred, to his wife, Dorothy.

    Alfred Light is a character in Final Destination: Death Chain. He is married to Dorothy and a chemistry teacher in McKinley High School. Alfred is one of the survivors of cable car disaster alongside his wife at Mckinley Skyline.

    Alfred is the first survivor to die.

    Alfred is a long term chemistry teacher in Mckinley high school where he met Dorothy, who previously worked as his laboratory assistant prior to their marriage. It's his honor to serve for the school where he studied and graduated from. Alfred is known to have acrophobia and a poor heart.

    Despite his fear of height, Alfred is willing to take on a cable car ride with Dorothy, the o…

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  • DericAdrian

    I'll throw myself off a building if that shit was real.

    Ivan, when Ethan explains the premonition disaster.

    Ivan Malinowski is a character in Final Destination: Death Chain. He is skeptical, insensitive, rebellious and sarcastic. He is a school punk and an older brother to Perry Malinowski . He is one of the survivors of cable car disaster at Mckinley Skyline.

    Ivan is the fifth survivor to die.

    Ivan and Perry are of Asian decent and were raised up by their Singaporean single mother. He attends college along with Chase, Sophie and Nikeesha. Though Ivan is described as insensitive, he seems to care about Perry, especially right after her death.

    Ivan is reading an article about a roller coaster crash took place few days prior while waiting for the …

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