Once in a life time, why not? We've to experience eveything before we die.

Alfred, to his wife, Dorothy.

Alfred Light is a character in Final Destination: Death Chain. He is married to Dorothy and a chemistry teacher in McKinley High School. Alfred is one of the survivors of cable car disaster alongside his wife at Mckinley Skyline.

Alfred is the first survivor to die.


Alfred is a long term chemistry teacher in Mckinley high school where he met Dorothy, who previously worked as his laboratory assistant prior to their marriage. It's his honor to serve for the school where he studied and graduated from. Alfred is known to have acrophobia and a poor heart.

Final Destination: Death Chain

Despite his fear of height, Alfred is willing to take on a cable car ride with Dorothy, the only lady who can temporally "cure" his heart and fear just by holding her hands. They eventually cancel their trip when Ethan claims the cable car is going to fall, which turns out to be true.


During the following day, Alfred goes on his life as a chemistry teacher and a loving husband. He is working alone in his chemical laboratory when the ceiling light above him starts blinking, which annoys him. He stares at the weakening light and it bursts out very abruptly, sending the shattered glasses to his eyes and blinded them both. As he screams painfully, he accidentally bumps against a shelf that store with various chemical containers; the shelf presses him on the floor followed by the chemical containers break into pieces, resulting in chemical combinations, which ultimately leads to explosion, killing him.


  • The ceiling lights at Mckinley Skyline ticket counter fade out for a moment.
  • Ironically, Alfred's last name is "Light".
  • Minutes before his death, a couple of students are discussing about Lewis Romero's death, they decribe his death as "burst like a watermelon".
  • Alfred complains his eyes are burning due to lack of sleep.
  • A photo of Alfred and Dorothy can be seen on his working desk, it's taken in Le Cafe Miro 81.


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