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    Aiming for a fresh, different angle, the fifth installment, which is technically impressive, slightly tweaks the formula in a way that should please the series' fans.

    A stunning, surprisingly credible marriage of acting, story, and effects.

    Easily the most shocking and disturbing movie in the series and if they choose to finally end things here, they would be ending things on a high note.

    the best 3D horror movie ever made, as much for its superlative technical merits as for its satisfying thrills

    There are a few, er, head-spinning twists you won't see coming, and an ending that would make Steven Slater smile.

    It's suspense overload that had me squirming in my seat like a 5-year-old watching "Barney". Quale squeezes every ounce of air out of y…

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    To put the titles like "F.D." and "F.D.2" etc.?

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    When you see a Final Destination Wiki ad the tagline says "You Can't Outrun Fate..."

    What happened to "There's no cheating death"

    or some epic tagline like that?

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    Loving the New Wiki

    July 21, 2011 by DigiDude99

    Who do I thank? :D

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    Note that word in the title, guesses. I saw the newest trailer and here are my guesses for the fates of the survivors in FD5.

    [In order of appearance in the trailer]

    1. Olivia Reynolds - Laser eye surgery thing. her eye gets burned, then she manages to get out of it. Afterward she slips on something [her teddy bear maybe? :3] and falls out a window to her death.

    2. Isaac Turner - The acupuncture thing. He falls, and then tries to pull the needles out, but bleeds to death. [Dun dun duuuun]

    3. Nathan Gregory - I'm guessing the construction dude you see falls doesn't die, but pulls a rope [to save himself] which like, pulls the top of the hook down which squishes him or something?

    4. Candice Caldera - Nail falls, about 5-10 seconds later, the fan …

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