Note that word in the title, guesses. I saw the newest trailer and here are my guesses for the fates of the survivors in FD5.

[In order of appearance in the trailer]

1. Olivia Reynolds - Laser eye surgery thing. her eye gets burned, then she manages to get out of it. Afterward she slips on something [her teddy bear maybe? :3] and falls out a window to her death.

2. Isaac Turner - The acupuncture thing. He falls, and then tries to pull the needles out, but bleeds to death. [Dun dun duuuun]

3. Nathan Gregory - I'm guessing the construction dude you see falls doesn't die, but pulls a rope [to save himself] which like, pulls the top of the hook down which squishes him or something?

4. Candice Caldera - Nail falls, about 5-10 seconds later, the fan does too.

5. Dennis Caldera - I'm guessing he's one of those "dies because he doesn't believe it will happen" cases.

6. Peter Straume - This one will need a bunch of explaining. You see Sam knocked out on the floor in the trailer, and then you see Peter going after Molly. I'm guessing He knocks Sam out, and thinking he's dead, he starts going after Molly. Sam wakes up and kills Peter to save themselves.

7. Molly Harper and Sam Lawton - I don't know actually. Maybe like Wendy and Nick, that they are killed in a freak accident in the end. Hey wait, this is a prequel right? Maybe... they end up on Flight 180.

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