• Excalibur77

    I went to see Final Destination 5 in theaters and I loved both the storyling and all the gory demises. But I want to talk about what I would like to see on Final Destination 6. I think a good idea for the plot is starring the creepy coroner, William Bluddsworth(Tony Todd) from FDs 1, 2, and 5. I think 6 should be about William Bluddsworth seeing a terrifying Final Destination premonition as a young adult, a good idea for this is a malfunctioning cruise ship or something down that road. The movie should tell about how he survived death; what he learned from it, and how he began to learn the rules. Let's all hope that Final Destination 6 comes out with a solid story and lots of gory demise. That has been my view on it, what is yours?


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