• FDlover

    8 People:

    Holly (Premonitionaire)

    Amy (Holly’s Sister)

    Elliot (Amy’s BF)

    Troy (Elliot’s Brother)

    Max (Elliot’s Best Friend)

    Phoebe (Holly’s Best Friend)

    Jasmine (Holly’s Best Friend)

    Jake (Stranger)



    A concert on a huge ship, Docked beside a beach, 5,000 people inside and an estimate of 1000 people on the beach.

    The group of 7 friends are inside the ship in the concert room and Jake is on the beach with his brother, 2 friends and girlfriend admiring the ship as he could not get tickets.

    The 7 friends are dancing to the music while in the kitchen (because of the vibrations of everyone bouncing) knives fall from the counters and punctures the gas line and over a period of time the whole of the kitchen is filled with gas.

    With more bouncing a…

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