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    Michelle Harper

    September 29, 2013 by Fd50987

    Michelle Avery Harper is a surivior of Cafe 801 collaspe.She is the sister of Molly Harper and friend of Sam Lawton. Harper is bisexual and is the girlfriend of Edward Cooper and Lexi Smart.

    Michelle was the 9th and last surivior to die 

    ​After Lexi had a vision that the cafe will collaspe, she rushes out, Michelle follows her and asks her what is wrong, Lexi cries and tells her that the cafe will explode two more people come out: Ed and Cafe 801 waiter, Harry Monker. Harry asks why their are outside, Michelle lies and says to smoke, Mary Sanders and her mother Lily Lawton (Sam's sister) come out to actually smoke, and call the four freaks, they all fight, three more, Sarah Harper (Michelle's sister) Jack Wakerson and Paul Harvey come to bre…

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