Simon Lawton
[[Image:{{{Image}}}|Simon Lawton|250px]]
Portrayed By
Paul Grayson
First Seen
Full Name
Simon Lawton
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Crushed by a tree
Sam Lawton: brother;deceased
Simon Lawton was the main character and visionary in the film Final Destination 6. He had a premonition about the party explosion. He was also the brother of Sam Lawton.

Simon was the elventh and last survivor to die.

Final Destination 6

Simon was going to the party at his friend's house but suddenly had a horrific premonition of the house exploding and left the party with his friend and a few others before his vision became a reality. A few weeks later he learned abou the previous disasters (and how his brother was involved in them) and realized he was meant to die. He tried to save the other survivors but failed, leving him the only one.


A month later, Simon was walking through the woods when a helicopter suddenly went out of control in the sky and flew down, cleanly chopping down a tree. Simon looked up at the falling tree seconds before it came down on him, crushing him to death, his blood spilling out.


  • The helicopter had the number 180 on it.
  • No-one was driving the helicopter.
  • His death is similar to Ian McKinley's from Final Destination 3.
  • While he was walking through the woods he saw a tree with a face scratched out on it. It looked like it was looking down at him.
  • In the premonition, he was decapitated by a photo of his friend in the woods.
  • His friend asked him if he wanted to go to McKinley, Pennsylvania with him, but he turned him down.


  • Simon was the only visionary in the whole series to die alone.
  • He was also the only visionary to be a sibling to another visionary.

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