aka Bruno

  • I live in Brazil
  • I was born on April 17
  • I am Male
  • FinalDestinationSuperFan

    • Death in the Transatlantic RR 18013 S.E.A.: Sucked into the ship's propeller.
    • Actual death: Impaled by a pole in front.
    • How he should die before: Pierced by several scaffolding, but as he saw a man being dragged by a hook and then burned alive, he had to give evidence to the police.
    • He was the brother of Peter Friedkin.

    • Death in the Transatlantic RR 18013 S.E.A.: Electrocuted in the main hall.
    • Actual death: Britney was impaled in the back by a piece of air conditioning and Jessica falls away in a ventilated.
    • How he should die before: Britney should have a shovel stuck in the belly and Jessica on the head with a shovel in an explosion, but the train that they should get derailed.
    • Britney was the cousin of Jason Wise.

    • Death in the Transatlantic RR 1…

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