• Finneey

    Final destination 6 deaths:

    Eliza Springfield has a premonition of a cruise crash in Mt. Abrahams and stops her best friend, Ambah, boyfriend, Drake, cousin, Henry, college roommates, Hilary and Kelly, friend, Russel, and classmates, Maggie and Joey.

    Death 1-Joey: Joey's face is burnt by a fire and he runs outside screaming for help, startles a builder on the top of a construction site next door who knocks over a jar of paint that hits a toolbox that send a screwdriver into his head. He falls off the staircase of his apartment and the screwdriver is pushed further into his head. His dead body floats in the pool, turning the blood red.

    Death 2 Maggie: Maggie finds Joey's body and kneels down to see, but her head is squashed by the falling tool…

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