Final Destination 6: The Final Stand is a 2011 supernatural horror script and serves as the sequel to the 2009 film The Final Destination directed by David R. Ellis.


In 2012, thirteen years after the North Bay bridge collapse and the explosion of Flight 180, twelve years after the pile-up on Route 23, seven years after the derailment of Devil's Flight roller coaster and three years after the McKinley Speedway racecar crash, Summer Alcutt an insecure workaholic ophthalmologist that works at Eastfield Laser Eye Company finds out alongside her best friend Sean Murtaugh, a French teacher at Mt. Abraham High School that death has been stalking them and their friends since they cheated death years ago. After that they contact Sean's neighbor Claire River, a popular medium that defeat death years ago and reveals that is Abby Rivers. Then they make a research about death's design and past survivors and find that Wendy Christensen still alive. However they do not know where she is and one year later, she appears and reunite forces with them to defeat death.

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