• Haru272

    We know that Lewis Romero is killed, head squished by weights

    What machine is that he's using?

    And, and you guys have any ideas of freak accidents in the gym?

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  • Haru272

    Happy Tree Friends is a cartoon. Not suitable for children

    And, it's a complete source of all gruesome deaths. For example: a squirell got killed by a candy vending machine

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  • Haru272

    Death Note

    September 10, 2012 by Haru272

    Recognize this one?

    A book used to kill people. Any names written here shall die with heart attack, unless the names are written with cause of death.

    I used this as a component of my FD6 story, which Death Note is used to create the design

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  • Haru272

    I watched Caught on Camera themed SURPRISE!, one video I watch it's the most interesting. There's a woman who wants to report with a video while she's driving, cause two trucks wont move to let her away. But then, one of the truck run over a plank of wood, it flies, and impaled through the woman's windshield. She's in terrible shock that she can't even say a word. It's a good thing no one sit by her side, or he/she will be impaled by the plank

    Is it a good idea?

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  • Haru272

    That's the title of my story of FInal Destination

    I planned that this story should explain how some of the survivors from the previous five crashes survived and why Death is looking for them

    How the survivors got the premonition:

    First, I'm going to tell you that in my story, those five crashes, there some people which have the same premonition as the main characters in the five movies

    Flight 180 - Alex Browning - Tracy Valentine

    Route 23 Pile-up - Kimberly Corman - Gilbert Redfield

    Devil's Flight - Wendy Christensen - Christina Anastasia

    McKinley Speedway - Nick O'Bannon - Jay Hanabishi

    Bridge collapsing - Sam Lawton - Tina Horton (Amy Christensen and Luke O'Bannon accept the warn)

    They got the premonitions from a black cat named Az. She came from…

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