Okay the flight 180 explosion COULD have possibly been sam's premontion too as well as nathan dying sam gets off flight 180 which means 6 could take place with the first movie at the same time but more focusing on Sam and Molly the charcters cant meet with Alex cause that'll make a plothole anyways they will still go with the kill or be killed design again but more focused on the design cause it wasnt really detailed in the 5th movie. The 7th movie could be a sequel to the 4th movie but I highly doubt it since 6 and 7 will be back to back so they should be sequels togather. OR 6 and 7 could be a sequel to the 4th movie and MAYBE Kevin,wendy,and julie are revealed to be alive or something or that truck crash at the ending of THE final destination was just a another premonition.

What do you think?????

update:the producer said IN HIS MIND kevin,wendy and julie are dead. that doesnt make it FACT

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