• Hunt Wynorski

    My First Premotition

    August 19, 2012 by Hunt Wynorski

    i had an idea of a shopping mall that collapses and kills 180 people but robbie a college student who is shopping with his friends has a vision and gets 11 people and himself out but i am stuck on how they die outside so you could change a death from the shopping mall vision or make a death for a character

    jade:has the vision of the mall collapsing final one to die in vision when is trapped in a elevator overflowing with blood

    ashley:robbie's girlfriend 11th to die when she sits in massage chair and it squeeses and eventually crushes her head,arms and legs

    ashlyn: robbies younger sister 10th to die when she is thrown out a car simulator and hits a pillar

    daisy:grant's younger sister and kylies friend 9th to die when her eye is impaled by glass…

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  • Hunt Wynorski

    Final Destination 6

    August 19, 2012 by Hunt Wynorski

    Final Destination 6 3D

    Based on characters by: HuntWynorski

    Written by: HuntWynorski

    Copyright © 2012

    All Rights Reserved

    Any reproduction without written consent of the author is prohibited.

    Death never takes a vacation. But that's what it is for the graduating senior students of Mcklinney High. After a terrifying vision of the local Mcklinney Airport collapsing, Josh Cooper barely manages to get all of his friends to safety. After realizing that death is taking them down one by one and that time is running out, he teams up with another premonist, Carly Pearce, who also saved her friends from an exploding supermarket. Together, as the two groups struggle and fight against death, they slowly come to the horrifying conclusion that they've been pl…

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  • Hunt Wynorski

    the imflaiming tire

    August 10, 2012 by Hunt Wynorski

    when my friend ashley and i go on a road trip my tire broke and we needed to go to town and get tire. then i saw lying in the grownd and her her is in the car. the few months when my new friend's triza,fank,aslhyn me then have a road trip and when we are on board i notice a hand and it was aslhey

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