- FD3 was good and FD4 was bad

- Nick was boring but his character is awesome while Wendy was awesome but her character was boring

- The 3rd and 5th death

- Everyone accepted the death of nick while most people rejected the death of wendy

- The 3 last survivors of 3 live in the alt. ending while the 3 last survivors of TFD don't

- The african-american on FD3 died in the first half of the order while the one on TFD died in the second half

- The survivors of 3 knows the other survivors while while on 4 dont 

- Nick was able to help people on 4 while while wendy wasn't

- There are 6 girls and 4 boys on 3 while 6 boys and 4 girls on TFD

- There is only 1 unknown age in FD3 while only 1 known age is on TFD

Although There are also similarities

- The last 3 survivors die in alphabetical order

- The last 3 survivors die in the same place

- the last survivors of the incident both died in a wall

- They visit a memorial with a survivor dead

- Both 6th survivors are minor characters

- Both visionaries see 2 major disasters

- Both visionaries to die last 


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