• IfICannotLove

    So this is just an idea I've had for 9 months now. I created this idea when I was in school, and we were discussing 9/11. I know it's controversial, and disrespectful, but note this: It's all fiction, obviously. Final Destination is fiction. It should not be taken seriously, or thought of as something TO take seriously. So here's my idea.

    Characters (Those that die, anyway): Katherine Michaels / Christian Hudson / Chloe Reynolds / Michael Leone / Damian Rodriguez / Christine Andrews / Jane Burke / Ira Jameson / Jonathan McCarthy / Alyssa Reynolds / Amelia Crewz

    CAST (Same order as characters): Rachelle Lefevre, Brandon Beemer, Anna Speckhart, Robert Downey Jr., Franky G, Thora Birch, Hayden Panettiere, Rick Malambri, Thomas Dekker, Michelle …

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