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    Final Destination 6 is the sixth installment of Final Destination Series and is the sequel to Final Destination 5. The Film stars Emma Stone, Chris Evans, Jared Padalecki, Sara Paxton, Logan Browning, Britt Robertson, Erik Knudsen and Nico Tortorella

    Emma Stone as Skye Watson

    Chris Evans as Brigg Roberts

    Jared Padalecki as Nathan Wilson

    Sara Paxton as Alex Williams

    Logan Browning as Ami Deveraux

    Britt Robertson as Brynn Thorton

    Erik Knudsen as Leo Fincher

    Nico Tortorella as Niko McNamara

    Ami - Neck Impaled with Pole

    Brynn - Crushed with Engine

    Niko - Crushed with Engine

    Leo - Incinerated

    Alex - Electrouced

    Nathan - Decapitated

    Brigg - Drowned

    Skye - Drowned

    Ami - Slice into half after an boat propeller flies towards her

    Leo - Face Smashed with Stone

    Nathan -…

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    This Movie plays 7 years after Final Destination 3 thus in 2012. A Sorority House in the McKinley Pennsylvania explode after the oven explode.

    • Name: Marnie Tappan

    Description: Marnie is the Main Protoganist. She is a Proud Member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority who haves the Vision of the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority explode killing her and her friends. She is the Girlfriend of Steven Cooper. She is the Tenth and Last Survivor to Die.

    • Name: Steven Cooper

    Description: Steven is a Working Student who is poor with her Younger Sister who is a Member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. He is Marnie's Boyfriend and After the explosion He and Marnie tell the other survivors about Death. He is the Ninth Survivor to Die.

    • Name: Cassidy "Cassie" Bukater

    Description: Cassie …

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    November 23, 2011 by Ilovehunterclarington

    Shit Queenie we are going to a trip to Mongolia

    Kurokami, when on the plane board Mongolia.

    Kurokami is a Student from Japan. He is a Survivor of Fujimi Academy and a Casuality of Tower Helios collapse. He is Charles Dickerson's Bestfriend and one of the Students who move to Mongolia.

    Kurokami is the Last survivor of the Fujimi Academy and casuality of Tower Helios collapse to die.

    Kurokami is watching Love Lay Dies 3D when Anujin freaks out he try to get out but its to late the Tower Collapse killing everyone exept him. He trys to get out but the door was locked when he kicked the door a Pole impaled him in chest killing him.

    • His name is translate into "Black God"
    • In there Classpicture a pole was behind him.
    • his last words was "I Love Pole Dance…

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    I Don't Kill Them. I Don't MMMMPPPPHHHHHHH.

    Charlie, when he was talking to the police

    Charles is a Character in Final Destination: Death Returns. He is arrested when the police suspect him that he is the one who kill both Shelby and Amber so he was jailed and tied and gagged with tape.

    Charles was the Fourth Survivor to Die.

    Charles is first seen inside there school playing Basketball until Heather Freak Out and He was one of the Students who is Suspend. Then the School Collapse then The Memorial for the Casualities was Held. Then after The Deaths of Shelby and Amber he was arrested and jailed. The Police tied and gagged him with Tape. He is Later in The Festival after he was jailed.

    After Charles was jailed he was free and now attending a Fes…

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