Charles Dickerson
Charlie Dickerson
Portrayed By
First Seen
Final Destination: Death Returns
Last Seen
Final Destination: Death Returns
Full Name
Charlie "Charles" Dickerson
Also Known As
New York
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Highschool Student
Queenie Takahashi - Girlfriend

I Don't Kill Them. I Don't MMMMPPPPHHHHHHH.

Charlie, when he was talking to the police

Charles is a Character in Final Destination: Death Returns. He is arrested when the police suspect him that he is the one who kill both Shelby and Amber so he was jailed and tied and gagged with tape.

Charles was the Fourth Survivor to Die.

Death Returns

Charles is first seen inside there school playing Basketball until Heather Freak Out and He was one of the Students who is Suspend. Then the School Collapse then The Memorial for the Casualities was Held. Then after The Deaths of Shelby and Amber he was arrested and jailed. The Police tied and gagged him with Tape. He is Later in The Festival after he was jailed.


After Charles was jailed he was free and now attending a Festival a Fireworks explode causing all the Fireworks to explode then a fireworks behind Charles explode causing him to be killed and incinerate him.

Signs / Clues

  • In the Premonotion Charles is Smashed by a Wires.
  • He was Really going to be a casualitie.
  • In His Alternate Death an Stone Crushed him to Death.
  • His Girlfriend and Kitty is drinking Slushee Totally Cool.
  • Kitty Became Blind when a Wire explode causing her Death similar to Him.
  • There is a Picture of him behind a Fireworks

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