Final Destination: Deaths Returns takes place before Final Destination 5 and Final Destination 1. Here's My Main Protoganist which is Female, Heather Randall. She is living in her apartment with her friends until she had a premonotion that there School will collapse killing everyone.



  • Heather Randall - The Female Main Protoganist, Visionary and the Last Survivor to Die.
  • Randy Smith - The Male Main Protoganist and the Ninth Survivor to Die.
  • Marnie Milligan - A Popular, Smart Girl with many male admirers and the Eighth Survivor to Die.
  • Jesse Miller - A Popular Jock which bestfriends with Jason Cooper and Lui Meeks and the Seventh Survivor to Die.
  • Jason Cooper - A Popular Football Player and the Sixth Survivor to Die.
  • Lui Meeks - A Popular Soccer Player and the Fifth Survivor to Die.
  • Charles Dickerson - Queenie Takahashi's Boyfriend and the Fourth Survivor to Die.
  • Kitty Yamamoto - A Sorority Girl who is Bestfriends with Queenie Takahashi, Mary Claire, Megan Tappan, Ellie Wilkins and Stacy Kobayashi and the Third Survivor to Die.
  • Amber Herkins - A Popular Cheerleader and Bestfriends with Marnie Milligan and the Second Survivor to Die.
  • Shelby Wilkins - The Younger Sister of Ellie Wilkins and the First Survivor to Die.

Alive / Doesn't Not Meant to Die

  • Queenie Takahashi - Charles Dickerson's Girlfriend
  • Daphne Blake - One of the Sorority Sisters.
  • Brenda Meeks - Lui's Elder Sister
  • Dewey Morris - A Deputy who arrested the Mall Owner
  • Maryusa Alexander - A Volleyball Player who is not in there school when the Disaster Occured.


  • Mary Claire - A Sorority Girl
  • Megan Tappan - A Sorority Girl
  • Ellie Wilkins - A Sorority Girl
  • Stacy Kobayashi - A Sorority Girl
  • Joshin King Yoo - A Popular Basketball Player, Who is the Old Lover of Queenie Takahashi
  • Jake Hooper - A Popular Swimmer
  • Jess Reed - A Nerd
  • Angel Gedrarrio - A Teacher
  • 180 Students


Premonotion Deaths

  • Mary Claire - Crushed to death by a Hollowblocks
  • Megan Tappan - Neck Broken when she accidently slip on the Stairs
  • Ellie Wilkins - Decapitated when a Wooden Chair fell on her head
  • Stacy Kobayashi - Throat Cut Opened when a knife flies toward her neck
  • Joshin King Yoo - Head Crushed with a Basketball Ring.
  • Jake Hooper - Fell from the Rooftop to First Floor.
  • Jess Reed - Crushed by a Locker
  • Angel Gedrarrio - Pole Behind her Flies toward her Back to Chest and Fell from the Rooftop to a Car
  • Shelby Wilkins - Head Smashed with a Stone
  • Amber Herkins - Incinerated when the Laboratory Explode
  • Kitty Yamamoto - Fell on Stairs having her Head Smashed
  • Charles Dickerson - Smashed with a Wires
  • Lui Meeks - Body Ripped Off when an Metal Rod cuts his Chest
  • Jason Cooper - Body Impaled with a Metal Rods
  • Jesse Miller - Head Crushed with a Stone
  • Marnie Milligan - Incinerated inside the Laboratory
  • Randy Smith - Arm and Head Smashed and Flies Violently
  • Heather Randall - Eyes Impaled with a Pole

Real Life Deaths

  • Shelby Wilkins - Incinerated In Her Sauna
  • Amber Herkins - Incinerated Inside the Sauna Room
  • Kitty Yamamoto - Fell on the Mall Balcolony
  • Charles Dickerson - Electrouced with a wires
  • Lui Meeks - Crushed to Death with a Big Hollowblocks
  • Jason Cooper - Run Over by a Truck
  • Jesse Miller - Head Impaled with a Pipe
  • Marnie Milligan - Neck Broken when a Kid Violently throw a big stone on her Neck
  • Randy Smith - Crushed with a Metal Poles and Neon Sign
  • Heather Randall - Drowned

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