Fujimi Academy Survivors

  • Ayumu - A Student that haves the Vision of Fujimi Academy Collapse killing everyone
  • Takeo - Ayumu's Boyfriend who helps her tell the survivors about death
  • Hana - Ken's Girlfriend who is Takeo's Ex - Girlfriend and is Rei's Bestfriend
  • Ken - Hana's Boyfriend who is Jealous of Ayumu if she is dating Takeo
  • Ryuu - He is a Jock who is Bestfriends with Ken and Rei's Boyfriend
  • Kurokami - A Student who is Saruul's Ex - Boyfriend
  • Rina - The Mean Cheerleader who wants Kurokami
  • Rei - Hana's Bestfriend and Ryuu's Girlfriend
  • Yori - A Nerd Student who Fall Inloves with Takuma
  • Takuma - A Jock Who is Yori's Crush


  • Taro - A Student who is Emo
  • Takao - Nao's Lover who trys to save her in Danger
  • Sachiko - a Bully that trys to kill Takeo
  • Nao - Takao's Crush


  • Saruul - Kurokami's Ex - Girlfriend
  • Queenie Takahashi - A Survivor who is Doesn't Not Meant to Die
  • Naomi - A Student and Tatsuko's Girlfriend
  • Tatsuko - A Student and Naomi's Boyfriend
  • Lori Milligan - Shows her Real Death in a Flashback

Original Order

Rina, Rei, Yori, Ryuu, Takuma, Taro, Takao, Sachiko, Nao, Hana, Ken, Takeo, Ayumu

Final Order

Taro, Takao, Sachiko, Nao, Rina, Yori, Takuma, Ryuu, Rei, Hana, Ken, Takeo, Ayumu

Who Cheated Death

Rei - She was nearly killed when a boat propeller flys on her but Saved by Ayumu this causes Yori's Death

Ryuu - He was nearly electrouced but before he was electrouced a man call him

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