Final Destination 6 is the sixth installment of Final Destination Series and is the sequel to Final Destination 5. The Film stars Emma Stone, Chris Evans, Jared Padalecki, Sara Paxton, Logan Browning, Britt Robertson, Erik Knudsen and Nico Tortorella



Emma Stone as Skye Watson

Chris Evans as Brigg Roberts

Jared Padalecki as Nathan Wilson

Sara Paxton as Alex Williams

Logan Browning as Ami Deveraux

Britt Robertson as Brynn Thorton

Erik Knudsen as Leo Fincher

Nico Tortorella as Niko McNamara

Premonotion Deaths

Ami - Neck Impaled with Pole

Brynn - Crushed with Engine

Niko - Crushed with Engine

Leo - Incinerated

Alex - Electrouced

Nathan - Decapitated

Brigg - Drowned

Skye - Drowned

Real Life Deaths

Ami - Slice into half after an boat propeller flies towards her

Leo - Face Smashed with Stone

Nathan - Incinerated after his car explode along with Alex

Alex - Incinerated after Nathan's car explode along with Nathan

Niko - Impaled in Belly with Knife and Bleeds to death

Brynn - Head Buldgeon with Lamp Post

Brigg - Crushed with an Elevator

Skye - Neck Impaled with Umbrella

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