When Ashley Freund is Child ( 10 - 11 Years Old) her Father go with another woman then her mother die because of sickness. at school she was a bullied nerd but when she meet Ashlyn Halperin her life change she became bad girl, self fish and most of all she is stalked by her batchmate Frankie Cheek. she buy an apartment to live in there. She is also Wendy Christensen's Friend. then she and Ashlyn go to an amusment park to celebrate there fieldtrip. until she and her classmates see a ride called "The Devil's Flight" where they ride and her friend wendy have an premonotion that the coaster will derailling. when Kevin Fischer and Lewis Romero got to a huge fight she and ashlyn leave the roller coaster. after the accident she and ashlyn invite wendy to a tanning salon to forgot jason but wendy does not accept the invitation. when she and ashlyn is in the "Pheonix Tanning Salon" her slurpee accidently melt causing the VAC controling there tanning beds to make there tanning beds higher and higher. then she try to get out by punching the glass of her tanning bed but insted of getting out of her bed the glass fall on her face then she panic and fall to her tannning bed causing it to burn. in there funeral there classmates attend

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