Nina reading a Wonder Woman Comics in the bus:

Nina:ewwww all i see in this comics is criminal guys looking at Wonder Woman's Tits

Nina in bus fighting with Amber:

Amber:ewwww is that fats i think you should go gym with boys

Nina:really i go with boys but i will not go to gym and one more thing this is called tits

(Marnie and George Watch how nina and amber fight)


(amber holding a pole on the bus)

(a car wheel crushed on amber's head decapitating her)

(nina, marnie, and george witness amber's death)

Nina:Oh My


(marnie escape the bus)

(george also escape the bus)

(a pole stab on nina)

Nina:Oh Shit

(nina puking blood)

(nina killed)

George:What The Fuck!!!

Nina after surviving in the bus accident:

Nina:What The

(amber's head flies to nina)


Randy:Calm Down Nina and Please Shut The Fuck Up !!

(randy pissed off after he's son became a casuality in the bus accident)

Nina at the memorial:

(Nina Looking at Ambers Body without Head)

Nina:I Think you should go with the Devil and try some gym with him

Nina and her Grandmother Talking about her Cousin Sam Lawton:

Grandmother:do you have how many cousin you have

Nina:5 - 6

Grandmother:you have elder cousin right

Nina:Yes! he is wait who is he

Grandmother:his name is Sam Lawton

Nina:a casualitie of flight 180 and a survivor of north bay bridge


Nina in Club Kitty with Marnie and George:

Nina:Hey! What are you doing here?

George:I'm Bored

Marnie:me too

Nina:wanna have some drinks

Marnie and George:Sure!!!!

Bartender:hey whats your name

Nina:I'm Heather "Nina" Alexander

Bartender:you you share you first name on a casualitie of the club kitty


Bartender:Club Kitty Collapse Many Years ago and one of a casualities is named Heather

(Nina Shock)

Nina fighting with Ryan before her death and after her LASIK EYE SURGERY:

Nina:Ryan!!! I See this photo of you and Amber in bed what this means

Ryan:hun don't

Nina:Stop!!! You don't even care if i live or die. understand



(an truck came with metal rods)

(chains snap)

(4 metal rods fly towards nina's neck)

(nina puking blood)

(nina is killed)

(ryan and the people on street witness nina's death)

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