Queenie Takahashi
Queenie Takahashi
Portrayed By
First Seen
Final Destination: Death Returns
Last Seen
Final Destination: End of the World
Full Name
Queenie Nina Takahashi
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Highschool Student
Kitty Yamamoto - Bestfriend (Deceased)

Shit. Kitty wake up ! wake up !

Queenie, when Kitty fell on the mall balcolony.

Queenie Takahashi is a Character in the Fanfic Final Destination: Death Returns and Final Destination: End of the World. Before there school collapse just like in Heather Blake's Premonotion she was Absent. When she was absent it collapse killing other students including her other Sorority Sisters Mary Claire, Megan Tappan, Ellie Wilkins and Stacy Kobayashi. She is a Japanese Student and is the Girlfriend of Charles Dickerson.

Final Destination: Death Returns

Queenie is first seen inside her big mansion talking in the phone with one of her Sorority Sisters, Kitty Yamamoto. Queenie say that she will be absent because she have sick. When Queenie hear Heather screaming and saying that the school will collapse she ask why Heather freakout then Kitty was suspended then Heathers Premonotion became truth. Then after many days Queenie attended the Memorial for the Casualities of there School. Queenie is next seen in the shopping mall with her Sorority Sister, Kitty Yamamoto. when Kitty puts her Slushee Totally Cool near an wire Kitty's Slushee start to melt and the wire explode causing Kitty to be blind and Kitty fell on the balcolony of the mall killing Kitty. Queenie screams for help and saying "Call a Ambulance" then the ambuance came and Kitty's Funeral was Held. then Queenie was never seen again.

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