The Casualities in the Bus Accident in Thecakeking's final destination

  • Amber - a dizty sorority girl she is nina's frenemy and another girlfriend of ryan she was decapitated by a car wheel
  • Kelly Summers - cole's girlfriend she is bisected in the closing bus door
  • Jesse - lance's cousin he is killed by an flying car
  • Chad - one of jake's friends he is killed when a tire fly towards him
  • Beth - is a sexy sorority girl and nina's friend she is killed when an metal spikes flies towards her
  • Suzanne - marnie's friend she is killed when the bus where she is explode
  • Nick - one of jake's friend an engine fall on him killing him
  • Blake - one of jake's friends he is killed by an exploding bus
  • Oliver - randy's son he is incinerated by the exploding bus

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