Britany is a basketball player for her high school. During a game, she really wants to impress a guy she likes. I an attempt to win him over she gets the basketball and jumps. She slam dunks the ball and her long braded ponytail gets caught in the net. She is left dangling as her hair gets slowly ripped out. Her teamates struggle to grab and get her down. The coaches run to the net lowering system and attempt to lower the net. The skywalk above the lift system breaks and a bucket filled with water spills all over the lift system, causing it to malfunction. The net slowly rises as Britany is screaming in pain. Everyone in the crowd is gasping. No one can reach her as she is now as she is basically on the ceiling, her hair is ripping out, strand by strand, blood pouring all over her face. Blood splashes on the floor and the audience is frightened. The coaches are still trying to fix the lift system. her screaming turns quiet as her entire face is covered with blood. The final strands of hair rip out and her body falls to the ground, motionless.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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