"Jack, what the fuck?" yelled Shawn.

"Yeah we got to go back before Mr. Richardson notices we left." exclaimed Sam

"No, you don't understand!" Jack screamed. He looked at everyone.Then, all around to mae sure they were safe.

He then noticed the 18-wheeler from his vision driving rapidly down the street. "We're all going to die!"

"From what!" Lauren Shouted.

Just like in his vision, the 18-wheeler crashed into the building. Around the group, screams were heard from other civilians. Then, there was an explosion.

"Oh Shit!" Dannielle cryed.

"Jack." said Amber nervously. "What's going on"

"Isn't it pretty obvious," Sadie said. "A fucking truck just Slammed into the building!"

Everyone was arguing. No one noticed that an I-beam was falling from the building. Only Hannah noticed at the last second. It was heading straight for Amber.

"AMBER!" Hannah screamed. "LOOK OUT!"

Amber turned aroud and looked up. But, it was to late. The I- beam connected to her face at a good 65 miles per hour.

It smashed her whole face. The force of it knocked her down to the ground. All of her teeth were knocked out.

Her eye fluids were mixed in with the blood and brain bits. There was nothing left of her head. Her body twitched twice, which made everyone almost puke.

"AMBER" Robyn shouted. She started crying. Everyone else to. But, there was no time to react.

The building started to collapse. Everyone was running away. Glass from the building were everywhere. Same stopped and turned around.

"Mr. Richardson." She said faintly. She started running toward the building. Everyone was running awy from Sam, when Jack noticed she was'nt with them.

"Where's Sam?" He said nervously. Everyone shrugged their shoulders. He ran towards the building with Danielle telling him not to.

He found Sam standing by Amber's body. Flames and smoke were going everywhere and it was getting hard to breath. He had to drag her

away before the whole building collapsed. It was a struggle. but, he did it.

They all ran a good two blocks before the building started to collapse. They ran as fast as they could. They were being chased by smoke. All they could do was run,

they couldn't do anything else. They ran a good 8 blocks when the smoke stop following them. They couldn't see the building but they knew it collapsed. Everyone looked

with shock.

"Oh my god." whispered Sadie

"How did you know Jack?" Dannielle said.

Everyone looked at Jack. But, he just stood there motionless.

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