Savannah Flemming: Full Name: Savannah Marie Flemming Age:20 Gender:Female Occupation:College Student Relationships: Jake (boyfriend), Kyle (younger brother), Peyton (bestfriend) Portrayer; Danielle Panabaker

Kyle Flemming: Full Name: Kyle James Flemming Age:19 Gender:Male Occupation:College student Relationships: Taylor (girlfriend), Savannah (older sister) Portrayer: Josh Hutcherson

Jake O'Reilly: Full Name: Jacob Bradford O'Reilly Age:20 Gender:Male Occupation:Le Miro 81 chef Relationships: Savannah (girlfriend) Blake (bestfriend) Portrayer:Jensen Ackles

Peyton Philips: Full Name: Peyton Elizabeth Philips Age:20 Gender:Female Occupation:College student Relationships: Blake (boyfriend), Savannah (bestfriend) Portrayer: Julliana Guill

Blake Harrington: Full Name: Alistair Blake Harrington Age:20 Gender:Male Occupation:College Student Relationships: Peyton (girlfriend), Jake (bestfriend) Portrayer: Chris Zylka

Taylor Jones: Full Name: Taylor Alexis Jones Age:19 Gender:Female Occupation:College Student Relationships: Kyle (boyfriend) Portrayer: Jessica Lucas


College student Peyton Philips wins a contest for her and 5 other friends to go on a cruise for New Years Eve. As they are about to announce the new years, the Captian's coffee accidently spills over the control panel, making the ship go in a different direction, crashing it into a large rock, making the motor explode. Everyone recovering from the small explosion of the motor, a large wave appears, and capsizes the boat underwater. In the nightclub, people start to fall as the boat went underwater as some live wires become loose and causes a small explosion which splatters Taylor and Peyton against the wall. Blake tries to exit the Nightclub, but is crushed by some falling debris. Horrified, Savannah gathers up Kyle and Jake, but Kyle is splatterd by a thick wire. Savannah and Jake manage to make it out of the nightclub and to the ballroom, but just then, the glass breaks, drowning everyone.

Savannah is then woken up by Kyle, who shakes her frantically, telling her it's time to get on the boat. Savannah shakes her dream off, until she see's that the boat's number is 180. Savannah then freaks out, warning her friends about the boat. Of course, everyone doubts her, but when they try to get on the boat, they see that it has already left, making everyone mad.

Later that night in Peyton's house, After trying to grab something from a high shelf, Peyton accidently knocks over a chainsaw hanging on a chain, which nearly impales her. Peyton goes back into the house to talk with Blake on the phone, but is distracted by her cat, so she goes to tend to it. Meanwhile, lightning strikes the house, causing the electrical appliances to explode, catching the curtains on fire. The fire spreads rapidly as Peyton tries to flee the house, but falling debis blocks the door. Peyton then runs into the garage, where she slips on some oil, hitting her head against the floor. Just then, the chain holding the chainsaw breaks and the chainsaw falls, impaling her.

(more to come!)

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