So about a week ago(week ago)I came up with an awesome idea on how New Line Cinema and WB could finish the Final Destination series.

Final Destination:Origins:Part One:The movie is set across in two different time periods.It starts with a prologue explaining how and why Death was created.The first time period is the Medieval Times.Ancestors of Bludworth and all the survivors cheat death when the Bludworth ancestor(who's probably a slave)has a premonition of a giant castle collapsing.The second time period is a young William Bludworth in the 1970's who has a premonition of a building collapse(to connect the two disasters slightly).All of the deaths will be slightly similar to one another as Death's way of taunting them.In the medieval story,the visionary will write down in a journal all the ways he found out how to slow down the list(which is because they didn't know about new life at the time).At the end,the ancestors of all the main visionary will have became guardian angels,with the last one left being Alex's ancestor.Bludworth dies and the credits roll.An after credits scene plays,with Alex's ancestor giving William the book and having him take his place.Alex's ancestor teleports William into the late 90's on a harbor in Mckinley,where a cruise ship has just sank,leading into part two.

Final Destination:Origins:Part Two:This movie takes place right after part one.Bludworth tries to protect a girl and her friends who cheated death when they didn't go on a cruise ship that sunk.The movie ends with the girl and 1 or 2 people left,dying on North Bay Bridge when Bludworth notices Sam and says,"Here we go again."The movie explains that William does further research and realizes that new life(baby)defeats death.The reason William is a coroner is too be closer to the survivors,and the reason he can't tell them enough rules is because Death is still after him.

Final Destination:The Final Stand:This one,which is the end of the series,begins with Bludworth having another premonition of some big disaster destroying both Mount Abraham and Mckinley.To defeat Death completely to prevent this,Bludworth ressurects every single one of the visionaries as they go on a race against time to defeat Death once and for all.

So what did you guys think,comment down below and let me know(that was a Jeremy Jahns quote if you know who he is)

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