• Jacobr1020

    Here's another death idea thing for Final Destination 6. My previous blog post is being made into a story for It's slightly less detailed.

    Characters (Death's Hitlist):

    Angela (Main Character), Luke (Angela's Boyfriend), Carla (Angela's Mother), Tina (Angela's Sister), Bruce (Angela's Father), Officer Yvonne Gutierrez (Police Officer), Officer James Mitchell (Police Officer), Connor (Angela's 10-Year-Old Brother), Tyler (Luke's Friend), Tiffany (Angela's Friend), Brenda (Angela's Friend), and Michael (A Random Sightseer).

    Angela's Premonition:

    A holiday at a skiing resort turns deadly when a massive avalanche destroys the resort and kills many, many people. 20-year-old Angela has a vision and gets some people to safety, but Dea…

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  • Jacobr1020

    Here's a suggested plotline/death sequence thing from Final Destination 6. I may even post this on

    When Lisa, her boyfriend Doug, and some college friends, Kyle, Tina, Melissa, Monica, Jake, Paul, Jenny, Carmen, Kevin, Julie, Mark, and Nathan, take a vacation to Hawaii for Spring Break, Lisa has a nightmare on the flight of them taking a boat tour of the islands when they collide with a bigger boat, killing nearly everyone onboard. Shaking it off as a dream, Lisa and her friends check in and enjoy their first day there, but the next morning while preparing to get on the boat, Lisa realizes that her dream is coming true and she desperately tries to warn everyone to not get on the boat. She runs away and her worried friends fo…

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