aka James Kephart

  • I was born on April 6
  • I am Male
  • JamesLeeKephart

    Me And My Friends Were With Alex Browning And Clear Rivers. When Carter Horton & Terry Chaney Arrive, I Said "What In The World?" And They Came To Alex Browning. Carter & Him Argues Until Terry Stops Them. She Then Hits Cater & I Said "Oh My God!" She Said "And If You Want To Waste Your Life Beating The (bleep) Out Of Alex Everytime You See Him, Then You Can Just Drop Dead." Then The Bus Runs Over Terry Chaney & I Said "YES!" Then Valerie Lewton Screams. I Asked "So I Guess This Means Valerie's Next On Death's List?" & Shyanne Answered "That's Right."

    Alex - Devon Sawa

    Clear - Ali Larter

    Carter - Kerr Smith

    Valerie - Kristen Cloke

    Billy - Seann William Scott

    Terry - Amanda Detmer

    James Kephart - Himself

    Shyanne Kephart - Herself

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