aka Joseph

  • I live in Oak park
  • I was born on August 14
  • My occupation is Don't have one. I'm a freshman
  • I am Male
  • Jleverette77

    Here are the 8 main characters in my Final Destination 6 idea.

    • Claire Smith: A girl who attends Pine View in High School. She is a quiet innocent girl and friends with Lauren. She was a survivor of the Pine View High School collapse. She works at McDonalds and died when an overheating blender broke and the blade snapped the fan wiring causing the fan to fall on her head, killing her. She is the first survivor to die.
    • Steven Jones: A boy who attends Pine View High School and Joe's best friend. He was a survivor of the PineView High School collapse. He works at a factory and died when the conveyor belt tires exploded making a hook fall and wrap around one of the conveyor belts and pulled the metal socket the hook was on and smashed his face wh…
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  • Jleverette77

    Okay so I've been thinking of this for a long time and I finally came up with it. The premonition might not be so promising but this is what I have so far. So there are some high school students, Claire Smith, Steven Jones, Sydney Davis, Griffin Kelley, Jordan Bridges, Lauren Stinson, and Joe Evans at a school in Florida and it is made of strictly concrete. It has been standing for a long while and it is time for construction. It has been deemed safe for at least one more day for the students and there is construction taking place around the school. So throughout the soon to be movie, there are several shots of cracks outside of the school; and they are growing noticably larger. Meanwhile, a gust blows along and a worker inside a craine ho…

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  • Jleverette77

    <p />

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