So, what do you all think works better as far as the age range of the characters in the Final Destination movie series?

The characters mainly being young/teenagers, like in FD1 and FD3? Or having mainly adults/older characters like in FD2 and FD4?

I personally prefer the younger ones, mainly because they're just more likable. Characters like Nora/Samantha/Eugene/Andy/Evan just don't fit too well in these kind of movies. They're real mature, relaxed, bland, and not as enjoyable, in my opinion. I think it has more of an impact when they're young because you realize they have their whole lives ahead of them, and it's suddenly taken away, while the older characters don't have that kind of effect. It's just more of a taboo to kill off young characters, while adults, it's not a big deal.

I'm mostly referring FD2, because the only actual teenagers involved in the survival was Kimberly and Tim, and Tim was killed off right away. (Clear was theoretically 18/19, but she definitely didn't look like it....) The rest were adults, and it just didn't have the feeling that the first and third gave you, with the silly, naive, immature, and energetic minds of teenagers.

And I have to admit, it's just so much more entertaining to see young blood splattered across the screen. ;)

Although I do realize if they ALL had teenagers in high school, it would get cumbersome, quick. So I do appreciate the small mix of older characters like Valerie Lewton, Tomas Burke, Kat Jennings, and George Lanter in the story.

If you feel differently, tell me about it. Prove me wrong if you want. I might change my mind.

Come onnnn. No one ever talks on here! It bothers me. There's a small handful of us who work on this wiki together, and we don't even acknowledge each other. Let's have a discussion! We're all like-minded, yeah? Because who else obsesses over Final Destination enough to maintain a whole wiki page like us?? :)

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