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aka kevin fischer

  • I live in McKinley pensilvanya
  • I was born on April 22
  • My occupation is actor
  • Kiko 123


    final destination all deaths with images

    this are all the deaths of final destination with images an also with animations deaths












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  • Kiko 123

    final destination 3

    February 24, 2013 by Kiko 123

                                            Final destination 3

    My favorite horror movie is clearly final destination 3 and the best part of the movie that i like is when frankie death´another part the death of erin and my best like part is when the rollercoaster derails is very well this movie I like a lot of and the characters are: wendy christensen: she is the girl that have the premonition and have a boyfriend call jason her boyfriend die in the accident of the rollercoaster and two of his friend carrie and kevin are another friends of she kevin don´t was a friend of wendy but they make friends when the girlfriend of kevin carrie die in the rollercoaster accident and the boyfriend of wendy jason also die in this accident the two make friend…

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  • Kiko 123

    final destination series are my favorite in special final destination 3 

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