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  • Kikodizon

    Katie Lawton

    April 29, 2015 by Kikodizon

    Angie! Please your freaking everybody out!

    Katie calming down Angelene

     Katie Lawton is a survivor of the Discovery Tower Collapse. She is the older sister of Angelene Anderson and the wife of Robin Lawton. Robin and Katie married early.

    Katie was borned in September 11 1987. In Mckinley,Pennsylvania. Then in 2006 she became a Goth. She is Mean,Hot-Headed,and Sarcastic

    Katie is with her sister and her husband went to the Discovery Tower.After Angelene had the premonition she tried to calm down Angelene. Causing Angelene to accidentally slapping her making Robin angry.Robin yells at Angelene making her run away to the elevator causing her friends follow her.Katie leaves Robin. Robin apologizes. As Katie and Robin go to the elevator they felt the…

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  • Kikodizon

    Angelene Anderson

    July 3, 2014 by Kikodizon

    9 years ago a was at JFK airport i got a little late. I missed my flight. While i was looking the plane taking off two guys we're beating each other up then a man yelled "OH SHIT" then the glass on the airport imploded then is realized that the flight exploded

    Angelene talking a about Flight 180,Alex Browning and Carter Horton

     Angelene Anderson is a survivor of the Discovery Tower Collapse.She is also the Visionary she takes care of her sister and hates Robin.

    She is the last Survivor to die

    Angelene was born some where in McKinley, Pennsylvania she has a sister named Katie. Angelene is artistic,sly and sarcastic. She was at the Discovery Tower with her sister and her brother-in-law.

    Angelene was with she friends and rival at the Discovery Tow…

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  • Kikodizon

    This happened in between FD1 AND FD2 where how Alex Browning is killed and the fd1 and fd2 characters are showned as a cameo

    Kimberly Corman is buying stuff for her mother when she heard about the death of Tod Waggner then Mrs. Corman saw some thiefs and tried to fight her. she tried defending her self. but she was shot in the head. Kimberly heard the gun shots and runs to her mother.

    One day Later Kimberly then goes to her funeral in Mt. Abraham on the other side of the road she passes a screaming Terry Chaney and ignores her. She was suddenly hit by the bus where a sleepy Kat Jennings suddenly woke up and saw Terry's body lying at the side of the bus where Jack Curtis the driver is shocked  the passengers had to leave the bus.

    The next day …

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  • Kikodizon

    this takes place in 2014 where Angelene is still alive but she is in a padded cell like Clear Rivers and serves the semi-antagonist

    Nicki Frank is going to the store with his collage students Eli Stan, Josh Dewey and Frankie Lewton while buying some stuff for there project Nicki buts to his former teacher Mary Joy Elizabeth ad her boyfriend Raymond Lewis and former principal Ellen Kennedy. also former collage student Dana Taylor. while buying stuff Nicki notices many construction sites behind. while on the store a wrecking ball swings into the store destroying the entrance and oblitirating Dana Taylor. while running to the exit two rebar falls on one of the constuction site 60 feet below impaling Mary and Raymond. Ellen, Josh and Frankie ru…

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  • Kikodizon

    so uhmmmm my 3rd blog post the characters are from iCarly and VicTORIous

    the events are before my final destination 6

    Tori Vega and Carly Shay are in the museum with Robbie Shappiro,Jade West,Beck Oliver,Cat Valentine,Freddie Benson,Sam Puckett,Trina Vega,Spencer Shay,Gibby Gibson and Andre Harris Tori and Carly see cracks all over the museum. The cracks suprisingly grow larger concrete falls over the whole museum shakes Robbie run for the exits but the glass suddenly explode Robbie is decapitated in the head by a shard of glass Beck and Jade run as they run a chandelier falls over them crushing them Freddie is knocked by a piece of falling concrete he suffers a deadly head concussion and is killed Sam and Trina run they are impaled by a spe…

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