Angelene Anderson
Ashley Tisdale
Portrayed By
First Seen
Final Destination 6
Last Seen
Final Destination 9
Full Name
Angelene Anderson
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Decapitated by a truck
College student
Katie Lawton-Sister; deceased

Robin Lawton-Brother-in-Law; deceased

Ian De Los Santos-Boyfriend; deceased

9 years ago a was at JFK airport i got a little late. I missed my flight. While i was looking the plane taking off two guys we're beating each other up then a man yelled "OH SHIT" then the glass on the airport imploded then is realized that the flight exploded

Angelene talking a about Flight 180,Alex Browning and Carter Horton

 Angelene Anderson is a survivor of the Discovery Tower Collapse.She is also the Visionary she takes care of her sister and hates Robin.

She is the last Survivor to die


Angelene was born some where in McKinley, Pennsylvania she has a sister named Katie. Angelene is artistic,sly and sarcastic. She was at the Discovery Tower with her sister and her brother-in-law.
Toronto - ON - Toronto Harbourfront7

Angelene witnessing the skyscraper collapse

Final Destination 6

Angelene was with she friends and rival at the Discovery Tower to eat at the top floor. she suffers a premonition that it will collapse, Angelene panic as her friends convinced that she was crazy. she cause a fight between all of her friends Angelene and her friends ran as the felt the tower shake the run toward the elevator the reach the ground floor Angelene and her friends run for safety as they saw the tower collapse.

Two months later Angelene and her friends saw the death of Henry they now believe in Angelene. after Henry's Death Angelene goes to the Discovery tower memorial.  2 days after death Angelene saw the news that a girl girl was killed the woman's name is reavealed as Jane Monroe. Angelene freaks out even more and calls all the survivors. the rest of the survivors talked about the deaths earlier. But Carly does not believe the other survivors and goes home to her apartment suddenly Carley's laptop explodes. A day later Angelene reads an article to a death it's Robin. Angelene feels terrified. Because they are 4 survivors. Jessica,Ian,Katie and her.In November Jessica dies. Now Jessica is more terrified than before her Ian and Katie are now worried that Angelene is getting more paranoid. A month later before Christmas. Ian,Katie and Angelene are having coffee in Death by Caffeine with they're pick-up Angelene and Katie goes home with Ian. Angelene ,who is driving, suddenly falls asleep. Katie and Ian try to wake her up. after several tries the pick up crashes to a building. A chunk of brick falls from the building obliterating Ian's face. An umbrella impales Katie in the chest. Angelene still sleeping wakes up in the hospital and had another premonition she wasn't supposed to die after all.

Final Destination 9



  • Angelene's birthday is the same of the creator execpt the year
  • She made a cameo in Final destination 8
  • She witnessed Flight 180 explosion
  • Her death is similar to Lori Milligan's death
  • Her boyfriend is a Filipino-American Ian De Los Santos

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