This happened in between FD1 AND FD2 where how Alex Browning is killed and the fd1 and fd2 characters are showned as a cameo


Kimberly Corman is buying stuff for her mother when she heard about the death of Tod Waggner then Mrs. Corman saw some thiefs and tried to fight her. she tried defending her self. but she was shot in the head. Kimberly heard the gun shots and runs to her mother.

One day Later Kimberly then goes to her funeral in Mt. Abraham on the other side of the road she passes a screaming Terry Chaney and ignores her. She was suddenly hit by the bus where a sleepy Kat Jennings suddenly woke up and saw Terry's body lying at the side of the bus where Jack Curtis the driver is shocked  the passengers had to leave the bus.

The next day Eugene Dix goes to his school but she is replaced by Valerie Lewton. Val suffers a cold and is replaced by another teacher then a student brought a knife and stabbed his/her teacher to death. Eugene heard the news that the teacher that he replaced died (Val) from a explosion.

He goes to her/his funeral to pay respect later that night Eugene passes a shoot-out from a distance. It was Thomas Burke and his parter. 30 seconds later he recieves a call that a boy has been decapitated. His partner takes care of the shoot out. Thomas's partner is finally shot in the brain. Thomas gets to the scene where the boy is named: Billy Hitchcock then he heard a report that his partner was dead.

Six months later a stoner named Rory Peters goes to paris where he saw a teen named Carter Horton he witnessed his death. A disgusted Rory left Le Cafe Miro 81 and where his watched the news then he saw the cinema that he was going to watch originally Rory thanks that he doesnt died in the cinema.

Another six months later Alex Browning and Clear Rivers is walking to an alley. A falling chunky piece of brick hits Alex smashing his brain and cracking his skull Alex fall's down, dead. Clear screamed loudly and the police heard it then went to the scene. Clear was then sent to Stony Brook center. Where the events continue in Final Destination 2............

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