Katie Lawton
[[Image:|Katie Lawton|250px]]
Portrayed By
Taylor Momsen
First Seen
Final Destination 6
Last Seen
Final Destination 6
Full Name
Katie Lawton
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Impaled by an umbrella
College student
Angelene Anderson-Sister; deceased

Robin Lawton-Husband; deceased

Ian De Los Santos-Friend; deceased

Angie! Please your freaking everybody out!

Katie calming down Angelene

 Katie Lawton is a survivor of the Discovery Tower Collapse. She is the older sister of Angelene Anderson and the wife of Robin Lawton. Robin and Katie married early.


Katie was borned in September 11 1987. In Mckinley,Pennsylvania. Then in 2006 she became a Goth. She is Mean,Hot-Headed,and Sarcastic

Final Destination 6

Katie is with her sister and her husband went to the Discovery Tower.After Angelene had the premonition she tried to calm down Angelene. Causing Angelene to accidentally slapping her making Robin angry.Robin yells at Angelene making her run away to the elevator causing her friends follow her.Katie leaves Robin. Robin apologizes. As Katie and Robin go to the elevator they felt the tower shake. They run away from safety

Two months later Katie and her friends saw the death of Henry they now believe in Angelene. after Henry's Death Katie goes with Angelene goes to the Discovery tower memorial.  2 days after Henry's death Katie went to Wendy's Katie goes to the bathroom to find out that is locked. She tries to call an employee to open the door. Katie is shocked to see that the dead body is Jane.Katie freaks out. A month later before Christmas. Ian,Katie and Angelene are having coffee in Death by Caffeine with they're pick-up Angelene and Katie goes home with Ian. Angelene ,who is driving, suddenly falls asleep. Katie and Ian try to wake her up. after several tries the pick up crashes to a building.



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