• Kikodizon1232

    My FD6 characters

    November 20, 2012 by Kikodizon1232

    Jessica Lewton is a actress. She is the Fifth to Die

    Robin Lawton is a sister of Carly Lawton he is the Fourth to die

    Carly Lawton is a highschool student She is the 3rd one to die

    Angelene Anderson is a high schcool student and the Last to Die.

    Jane Monroe is a bestfriend of Angelene Anderson shes the 2nd one to die

    Katie Lawton sister of angelene the 7th to die

    Henry is a sister of Molly Harper First to Die

    Ian De Los Santos is a Filipino English Bussniess man the 6th one to die

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  • Kikodizon1232

    My fd6 fan fic

    September 1, 2012 by Kikodizon1232

    The story begins at the Discovery building were Angelene Anderson and her friends at the 40 storied building there at 34th floor. The building began shaking but it stops. Suddenly the 21 & 32 floors collapses Henry harper is struggling to get up,he falls down only to be impaled in the head and on the back by steel rebars. Jane Monroe despretly finds an exit. Part of the floor collapses she slips she fall 32 floors below ground, next Robin and Carly Lawton is crushed by a chunk of concrete. Jessica Lewton is obliterated after another chunk of concrete swing down on her head. Ian and Katie is incinirated on an unkwown explosion the force causes Angelene to be impaled her blood scatters towards the camera. Angelene wakes up from the premoniti…

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