Boys and Girls


Selena Gomez as Jessica Lewton

Jessica Lewton is a actress. She is the Fifth to Die
Justin Bieber On set

Justin as Robin Lawton

Robin Lawton is a sister of Carly Lawton he is the Fourth to die


Miranda as Carly Lawton

Carly Lawton is a highschool student She is the 3rd one to die

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley as Angelene Anderson

Angelene Anderson is a high schcool student and the Last to Die.
Taylor Swift by David Shankbone 2010 NYC

Taylor as Jane Monroe

Jane Monroe is a bestfriend of Angelene Anderson shes the 2nd one to die

Jane McDonald

Talyor as Katie Lawton

Jared Cooper

Daniel as Henry Harper

atie Lawton sister of angelene the 7th to die

Henry is a sister of Molly Harper First to Die

Robin Padilla

Robin as Ian De Los Santos

Ian De Los Santos is a Filipino English Bussniess man the 6th one to die

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