• Kylep1229

    I had a dream of the 6th Final Destination. (Originally me and my classmates are the characters but I had another dream, still us but with different names.) (Of course, the people that are based is still alive! Bro it's so logical, it's just my dream.)

    Jane Utery :  The visionary, girlfriend of Mark Topper,  similar from Nick O'Bannon, from having short premonitions. Her grandfather is Death itself. Died from a heart attack when her grandfather visited her. Her grandfather has no responsibility fromher death, meaning that there's another one who kills people. Last and 11th survivor of the London Eye collapse to die. (based from my crush and friend, Nikki Opina).

    Mark Topper : Boyfriend of Jane Utery, similar from Lori Milligan, from helping …

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