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  • Lapislazuli1323

    This is a continuation of my other story. This story will have a conclusion to the events of the first story and it's characters, so please read my other story before this one to fully understand!!! So remember, the events of the first one happened in about June and the several weeks after. The ending occurred several months after, so it's starting to get cold as summer has turned into late fall as this happens. Also, the setting is the larger town that has the mall, hardware store, train station, and other buildings. Not the small town that Chip was from in the first story. Again, both the town and city are close together.

         Will, a high school teacher, is out for a weekend with his friends and wife. They are planning to go to this res…

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  • Lapislazuli1323

         I posted my idea on some other blogs in the comment section, so i am now posting it as a blog itself. I changed the names and a few other factors in this from the original..

          Chip, a recent high school graduate, goes on a college tour with several classmates and two teachers. This tour has the intention of visiting three different colleges and coming home on a train ride over a "famous curve bridge". This trip is intended for a select few post seniors who were the first to sign up. All the students going on this trip include: Chip, Lauren, Dave, James, Justin, Kirsten, Anna, Devon, Brandon, Elisabeth, Sara, Zack, and Melissa. Melissa is in the grade right below the rest of the students, she is a junior going to be a senior. She ta…

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