I posted my idea on some other blogs in the comment section, so i am now posting it as a blog itself. I changed the names and a few other factors in this from the original..

      Chip, a recent high school graduate, goes on a college tour with several classmates and two teachers. This tour has the intention of visiting three different colleges and coming home on a train ride over a "famous curve bridge". This trip is intended for a select few post seniors who were the first to sign up. All the students going on this trip include: Chip, Lauren, Dave, James, Justin, Kirsten, Anna, Devon, Brandon, Elisabeth, Sara, Zack, and Melissa. Melissa is in the grade right below the rest of the students, she is a junior going to be a senior. She tags along because another student got sick last minute so Chip asked the teachers if she could come. She is very intelligent for her age and plans on going to college after her graduation. The teachers agree. Chip and Melissa are also dating which is why Chip asked if she could come. All of the visits go well and near the end of the day the group of thirteen students and two teachers arrive at the train station. The town in which they live is too small to have its own station so they are going to a bigger city nearby. Chip would have rather just drove home on his own than be in this "tourist trap" as he calls it.  While waiting to board the train, one of the teachers gathers the students together and begins a mini lecture on the history of this bridge. Shortly after departing from the station, the train they are about to get on will come to a bridge. This bridge is over a steep valley. The bridge was originally two bridges side by side. A nearby station burned down after a bizarre incident so about halfway through the bridges they joined the two together. Now this bridge goes strait, the curves to the right and continues straight some more. Most of the students find this boring and go off and start to gather belongings. As Chip wanders around, he overhears the other teacher complaining about a mix up with the seats. Originally the group was assigned to all be in the same train car, however, an unknown error in the computer causes all thirteen students to be separated in the first six cars. Nearby another man in his early twenties starts to jump in. His friend is placed on the second car while he is placed on the third. He demands a change in the tickets but the workers say there is nothing they can do for anyone. Grimly the man walks away. The teachers explain how they can't have students running all over the station and leaving when they want, so the instructor places both teachers on the seventh car. He explains that this car will be the closest to the exit as the arrive at their destination so the teachers can gather the students and stop them from leaving.  All the tickets are handed out and Chip is relieved to discover he is on the fifth car with Melissa and Lauren. Lauren is a good friend of Chips who shares many similarities and proves to be caring and sympathetic towards everyone. The only person  that Lauren finds insufferable is another student at the station, James. James and Lauren dates but had a rough break up. James believed that Lauren and Chip were in love and despises Chip for being her friend. Chip spots James at the station talking to a worker. A closer look shows Chip that this worker is James' brother Jake. As he walks past, Chip hears Jake saying that he's on the fifth car. Chip  also hears that James is on the fourth. Lauren is extremely relieved to hear this. A call is heard and everyone finishes getting on board.  The three friends, Chip, Melissa and Lauren, find a seat next to the door leading to the fourth car. They are on the right side of the train at the front of car five. Jake comes in from car six and locks the door behind him. He makes a quick round around the car to check all the tickets. He stops at this one section of seats as another student, Dave, is on the wrong car. Jake points Dave to the first passenger car and the train departs the station. All goes good at first until they train reaches the bridge. The engine starts over the valley, followed by the first car. The entire train starts to slow down. The third and fourth are now on the bridge. The train moves even slower, the fifth is now on. The train slowly crawls to a complete stop as the entire sixth car comes to a rest on the bridge. Passengers start looking around restlessly. Near their seat, Chip sees notices two kids playing handheld games. One of them  is looking around while the other is still intent on the game. the engine starts to vibrate and it's felt throughout the rest of the cars. Chip looks out the window towards the first cars. The engine, first passenger, and second car are past the curve of the bridge. The third is resting on it with the three others still behind it. The rest of the cars are behind the sixth on solid ground. The vibrating gets worse. Jake tells everyone that the engine is just stalling and will start up soon. The bridge has walkways on both sides of the track, enough for three people to walk side by side on. These walkways are metal plates and the rest of the bridge is solid wooden beams with several thin metal polls around where they are needed. Chip jolts up, startled, as the kid intent on his game bursts out with "YOUR MINE NOW!!", clearly winning the game. That gives Chip a terrible feeling inside. Suddenly, a loud crack is heard. The beams under the engine snap and the vibration is too much for the section of bridge. It crumbles and the engine falls down into the valley. It pulls the first passenger car with it and explodes as it hits the ground. The rest of the cars remain unmoving on the bridge. The explosion caused many other beams to crack and become unsecured.  Several of the links between the car also break. Chip stands and looks behind them. The track at the beginning of the bridge wobbles and the sixths car slides around. The bridge below it breaks and the sixth car falls down into the valley taking the section of bridge with it. All the cars on the bridge are now stranded with neither end of the bridge touching solid land. A fire has started where the engine went down and another is starting where the sixth car fell. Jake opens the door to the fourth car while passengers try and fail with the locked door on the other end. A guy sitting close to the door that Jake is at, named Cory, stands up and pulls him back. The bridge under the fourth car breaks and the far end slides off the track. This is the end connecting the fourth car to the third. The door is swinging open on that end. Lauren looks into the fourth car and cries out in horror. Chip spins around to see yet another student, Sara, fall out that other end of the car. Sara and Lauren were close friends along with another girl, Kirsten, also on this trip. Chip then sees James trying to make his way to the fifth car as Jake tries to get free of Cory's grip. The bridge gives way and the entire fourth car falls, killing everyone inside. Jake kneels out the open doorway  where the car was moments prior. The fifth car lurches and Jake falls forward. His is caught by the broken link where the cars were connected. Trying to climb up, his shoe gets stuck below him. The car moves slightly again and another piece of the link swings around and crushes his head.  Three cars are left on the bridge. The fire under the second car is roaring now. The second car starts to slide forward off the bridge. The link between the second and third car is still connected, so the second car pulls the third with it. A number of passenger manage to get off. Among them Chip sees Kirsten and the man who complained about his tickets at the station.  Both cars fall and the  small group of people stand frightened on the bridge. Another loud crack is heard and the entire platform falls down into the fire along with everyone on it. The fifth car is the last car on the bridge. All the passengers are trapped inside. One end of the car locked, the other hanging over the edge of the bridge.  Cory picks up a piece of metal and smashes the window where Chip was sitting. He climbs out and yells for others to follow. Chip leads Melissa to the window and they crawl out. Lauren is right behind them. The bridge moves and the car slides forward a bit more, just enough so that the window is hanging over the edge now. Cory waits at the opposite end of the platform. Chip and Melissa get past the train. Other Passengers start to break more windows and glass falls all around Lauren. She stumbles to the ground. Chip moves to go back for her but the car slides to the side. The locked door end hangs over the right side of the bridge while the other end hangs off the front, trapping Lauren on the corner. As the train finally slides over, the weight causes the bridge to move, causing Cory to lose his footing  and fall off the edge, landing on a flat piece of walkway sticking straight up, cutting him in half. The train goes down to the ground and Chip and Melissa are alone. The remaining platform tilts and the two are knocked off their feet. Melissa goes over the edge but Chip catches her. She hangs above the fire for several deadly seconds. Chip tries to pull her up, but the heat is too much and their grip fails. Chip falls backwards onto the bridge as Melissa falls into the fire. One final crack  and the platform falls over too, sending Chip into the fiery valley below. As the fire engulfs him, he jerks upright. He is standing in the station where he was no more that twenty minutes ago. He looks around sweating. In his hands he is holding a ticket labeled "car 5". Nearby he hears James talking to Jake. Lauren expressed her relief that James in on a different car. Chip realizes that they are all about to board a death trap. He starts panicking and tries to stop people from getting on. Jake comes over and tries to calm him down. James makes a crude remark about how Chips not worth the effort, just throw him out. This upsets Lauren and she starts to get in James' face. Sara and Kirsten run over to calm her. The man who complained about his tickets comes over seeing another option to try and get a new seat. Other workers come over and start throwing people out. Chip grabs onto someone to stop the from boarding and realizes its Cory. He clings to Cory's shirt and accidentally pulls him over, knocking him into Dave. Everyone in this little group are thrown out. The teachers try to get them back in but the train starts to leave. They realize that other students are still on board so one teacher goes back, the other said that he will drive the others home. All the people who do not board the train are: Chip, Melissa, Lauren, Dave, James, Jake,  Kirsten, Sara, Cory, one teacher, and the ticket complainer. the teacher gets a bus and the students board. Jake also boards reasoning that he needs to be at the station when the train arrives. The teacher also allows Cory and the ticket complainer to board seeing as they were heading to the same location. Chip learns that the mans name is Ryan who was complaining. As the bus leaves the station, everyone is quiet. The road the bus in on runs parallel to the tracks for several miles, crossing a bridge about a mile to the left of the curve bridge. Once the bus gets close to the bridge, a loud boom is heard. Several moments later, the bus starts across the bridge and to the right all the students see a burning bridge. The bus screeches to a stop and everyone gets out. Chip looks over and watches as the fifth car rolls off the platform as it did in his vision. Many people in the group turn to him with shock. 

      About a month later, everything is slowly coming together for the survivors. All seven students from the school still live in the small town or the larger city. A small gathering is held exactly one month from that fateful day. As everyone arrives, the ten survivors and teacher decide to talk over what happened one final time. Chip still has no idea how anything happened the way it did. Jake steps forward and tells them all the the motor on the train failed after some components malfunctioned. Chip also learns that Cory and Ryan are both living in the city as well. Later that night, Chip and Melissa decide to spend the night together. A knock is hear at the door at about six o'clock. Dave is standing outside patiently. Curiously, Chip pulls Melissa aside and asks her what's going on. Melissa's sister, Kara, comes in and explains. Kara was a grade above Chip and Dave. With Dave being the oldest member of their graduating class, she asked him out. Dave is at the house to drive Kara to work. Kara works at the mall in the city. The mall isn't too fancy, but not too small either. There are four stories in the mall. Kara's job is a radio announcer over the malls intercom. She has her own little booth on the fourth floor next to the railing. As Dave and Kara get to the mall, some of Dave's friends appear. And they start walking around. Kara goes straight to her booth and finds a janitor cart there. Se pushes the cart aside and it bumps into her table. The table moves against the railing and a small book falls off. It goes in between the railing into the mall below. She watches it fall and land on some recliner chairs advertising a new furniture company. She then starts her shift as normal. About a half hour later, she announces that there will be twelve songs playing in a row. She takes off her headset and places it on the table. Then she flips a switch up to shut it of. As she goes to stand, her sleeve gets caught on the chair and tears. Aggravated she grabs a pair of sharp pointed scissors and cuts the rest of the sleeve off. She carelessly sets the scissors down on the cord to the headset and heads to the bathroom. while there, Dave and his friends below try out the reclining chars. They all lean back and close their eyes. A breeze up top blows some towels on the  janitor cart. They brush against a bottle of cleaner and the bottle falls onto the table. It hits the switch and turns on the headset. The sound coming through causes it to slowly vibrate off the table. As it falls off, the scissors slide with it and fall of the end by the railing. They fall straight down and impale Dave through the soft spot in his neck. His reaction causes him to jerk up and fall off the side of the chair face first. He lands on his stomach and his weight pushes the scissors even further into his neck, killing him. 

      Chip and Melissa arrive at the mall later to pick Kara up. By this time it's dark outside. Chip and Melissa decide to try and call everyone the next day to let them all know. The next day comes around and Chip, Melissa, and Lauren meet up and start calling. They manage to get a hold of everyone except Sara. Lauren calls her mom to find that Sara is spending the weekend at a college dorm party and won't be able to be in contact until the weekend is over. That night, Sara goes into the bathrooms to shower. As she's walking in, three other girls and a janitor walk out. The janitor tell Sara that the showers are closing for the night because the three girls clogged the drains in three of the four showers. Sara begs to be quick and shower before the janitor has to fix the drains. The janitor angrily allows Sara to go in and shower giving her ten minutes. After the janitor leaves, Sara runs into the bathroom, she finds water all over the floor and slides to the sink. Barley catching herself, she stops her momentum and places her clothes on a shelf above the sink. She then turns to turn the water on in the shower. At first nothing happens, then a stream of water shoots out. As Sara turns back to the sink, her robe gets caught in the door of the shower. As she fiddles with it to try and free it, the pressure from the water loosens the shower head. Behind her, some of her clothes and slippers slide off of her other clothes onto the wet floor. She spins around to see what the noise was. As she does so, the shower head loosens more. Sara turns back to her robe one last time and pulls really hard. The robe comes loose and she stumbles backwards. As she does,  the shower head comes completely loose and water sprays in her face. Not being completely balanced from stumbling back, she falls completely backwards. Her head slams against the corner of the sink and she falls to the ground. Blood starts mixing with the water on the floor. Sara Is dead. 

    After finding out about Sara's death, Chip finds Lauren to comfort her seeing how the two were close. While together, Lauren tells Chip that she can't image what he out of all of them is going through. Se asks him if he's been getting any other signs or anything of Dave or Sara's death since the crash. Chip has no idea what he's been feeling so Lauren asks him exactly what he felt.  Chip starts off saying that it was more a vision/premonition type thing than an actual feeling. He says about how he say the train start off as normal and the engine fall through the bridge with the first car and how after that the sixth car fell followed by the fourth. He stops there thinking as if something doesn't add up. Chip tells Lauren how in the vision when the fourth car fell, Sara fell out of the one end. And he also remembers how Jake directed Dave to the first car. He realizes that Dave was the first of the survivors to die in the train crash, followed by Sara. Lauren finds it an unbelievable coincidence that two survivors have died let alone in that order. Lauren begs him to think harder about the crash to make sure nothing else is wrong and out of place. While he strains, Chip sees Dave and Sara on the train again, but this time it's different. First it's like he's in the first car. It falls and he sees Dave being thrown around. As the car hits the ground, Dave is thrown against the side of the car and a pole comes through the window. The pole flies right through the car and impales Dave through the neck moments before the engine explodes. Next he sees Sara fall out of the end of the fourth car. She falls backwards and her head slams into a support beam below her. After coming to again in front of Lauren, he realizes that the survivors are not only dying in the same order, but in the same way as well. He starts to make a list on a piece of paper of the order and the ways they died. He knows that James is next, but all he can remember is that as the fourth car fell, James was standing in the middle of the isle. Since anything could have happened in the car, just like Dave getting impales, he has no idea how he dies. After James is Jake, who got his head crushed. Then was Kirsten and Ryan, they both fell at the same time, he doesn't know who died first. Lauren pleads him to try and remember specific details. He thinks as hard as he can but can't remember. So he marks both of them as crushed by the platform  as they fell. This he underlined. As he underlines it, the straight line shoots out at him and forms a flat square. It starts falling and  strikes  a shadowy figure, then he sees a large shape fall and crush a second figure. He stops the list there to tell Lauren. She assumes that this is a sign that James is about to die, but Chip assumes that this tells of Kirsten and Ryan's death, however, this does not help him determine who died first. They quickly call up James to find out where he is. Jake answered the phone and starts to flip out. Apparently he and James were talking about how Chip is no good and will only cause more problems. He says that James is staying at his house and doesn't tell them where he lives. Chip tells Lauren to keep trying to find out where they are by calling everyone who knows Jake while he finishes the list. 

       Meanwhile, Jake and James are on the top floor of an old apartment building where Jake lives in the city. Jake tells James who had just called and that they should just stay away from Chip and Lauren. As he puts the phone down, he knocks over a bottle of water. The water splashes all over his bed that James was sitting on. James jumps up and stumbles toward the window. Jake takes the blanket on the bed and tosses it into the hallway and it lands on the stairs. The stairs are narrow with metal handrails on both sides. James turns to the window and turns on a window air conditions in it. As he does, he notices something shiny on the ground. He picks it up and gives it to Jake. It's a thick silver necklace. Jake loops it over his head and it falls to just above his stomach. Jake pulls put a vacuum and starts to straighten up his home. James casually leans against the wall next to the window. A bird flys by and lands on the air conditioner. James waves his arms at the window to get the bird away. While he's doing this Jake gets to the hallway. He starts to vacuum the top of the steps. The bird refuses to leave and starts to squawk loudly. In annoyance James taps the window and the bird squawks louder. James then hits the window and the bird flies away. However, the air conditioner comes loose and falls out. The cord tightens and snaps, whipping James in the arm drawing a bit of blood. The air conditioner fall straight down and lands on a fuse box behind a fence. Jake looks out and curses under his breath. He runs down the steps and out the door to talk to the landlord. James walks over to the steps and just stands there. The vacuum is shut off but still plugged in. A power surge from the fuse box runs through the building causing lights to flicker. The vacuum turns on and moves slightly. It starts to slide down the steps but James catches it. He loops the cord around the handrail and starts to carry it back up. The cleaner shuts off for a moment but  turns back on quickly. As James gets back to the top of the stairs, the vacuum catches his pant leg so he pulls at the cord to yank it out of the wall. It comes out and comes toward him. He sets the vacuum down and turns, stepping in the blanket. Ignoring the blanket around his feet, he starts to gather the cord. Another power surge comes through and the light above him bursts. A bit of glass falls and he ducks in shock. His feet being tangled, he slips down the steps. The cord get wrapped around his arm and neck. Using his other injured arm, he grabs the railing. The cord wrapped around the blanket and his feet up to his neck. His grip slips slightly and he slides down the stairs some more. The cord being caught on the rail pulls at his neck, making it harder for him to breath. He tries to pull himself up but slips more, causing more suffocation. His feet are useless being trapped in the blanket and cord, so he cannot stand up. He keeps slipping farther and suffocates to death. 

     Lauren, who was in another room still calling to find out where Jake lives, comes running in and slams the phone down. She had just got done talking to Melissa and telling her what all happened. Melissa knew where Jake lived and told Lauren that she'll meet them there. Chip puts down the pen and comes with Lauren.  While in the car, Chip explains the rest of the order that he can remember. After Kirsten and Ryan came Lauren. She was on the corner of the platform as the train trapped her. He marked her death as her being crushed or falling to her death. Then Cory fell off the other end of the platform as the fifth car fell rocking the entire area. Chip saw him land on a metal plate from the walkway cutting him in half.  After Cory was Melissa burning to death in the fire being incinerated, and himself falling into the flames. As he finishes the list, Lauren pulls into an old apartment.  There are flashing lights all around and Melissa waiting outside. The two friends run up to her and ask what happened. She explains how Jake found James on the stairs wrapped and suffocated in the power cord. As she said this, Chip sees the fourth car of the train. As it falls, James is thrown into some luggage and some straps get wrapped around his neck. As the train comes to a rest, he swings there suffocating. As he dies, the fourth car catches fire, killing everyone else inside. They decide that they need to find Jake before its too late. Lauren says  how she needs to go help her sister in the mall for the next two days. Her sister works in a gym on the fourth floor of the mall that is getting new equipment. She promised her sister, Jean, that she would help. Chip tells her to be careful. She responds saying how there are still three people before her anyway. 

       Chip knows how Jake got his head crushed by the link in between the cars. As Lauren leaves, him and Melissa rush to the police station after learning that Jake went there to tell them what all happened. As they get there, they find out that Jake went for a walk to clear his head. An officer passing by says he saw him walking along the train tracks into town. As they turn, a train whistle is heard and they look around to see the tracks close to the police station and a train is heading into town. They start driving parallel to the tracks to try and find Jake, not too far down, they see him at the beginning of crossing an overpass the tracks go on. Chip pulls up beside the opposite end  and they both run out up to the tracks. As they get in front of Jake, Chip notices he has earbuds in and cannot hear anything, like the train in the short distance behind him. Upon looking up, he sees the two standing in his way. He steps back slightly, but when he does a sliver of the board he's on snaps and his foot falls through the hole. Chip swings back to Melissa to tell her to stay off the tracks. He looks back to behind Jake only to discover the train is getting closer as the front engine comes around a slight curve. He runs over to Jake to try and free him. Jakes foot stays in the hole stubbornly. As Chip pulls, Jake falls forward a bit and the thick silver necklace gets caught on a spike near the side of the track. This holds Jakes head right above the track. Chip realizes that the train is going to run over his head, killing him in the same manner as on the tour. Jake starts to panic wildly, flailing his arms, and only making things worse. Chip refuses to leave and pulls Jake as hard as he can. His foot finally slips free, but his neck is still immobile. Chip fiddles with the clasp, glancing up occasionally. The train is just about to start over the bridge. Melissa is yelling to hurry from the side. One final yank, and the necklace clasp snaps off. Chip pulls Jake and lead him to the end of the overpass, narrowly avoiding the train. Jakes life is saved.             The next day, Chip and Melissa start to go over everything. Thirteen students and two teachers are on a train. One student freaks out from a vision or dream or something about the train crashing, and gets himself and ten other people off the train. The train then crashes as it did in the dream. Ten of the eleven people to get off the train were meant to die in the crash. Three of these ten people are now dead, and another almost died. Out of the thirteen original students, only four remain. Six survivors total are still meant to die. Next on the list is either Ryan or Kirsten. Chip decides to go look for Ryan, then swing by Kirsten's house as the pass to warn her. Kirsten lives in an older apartment building similar to Jakes, only the complex is much smaller. Her apartment faces east, with the fire escape in the back on the west side of the building. Out this side is a one way street with garbage cans. Across the alley is the back of a bank. On the back wall of the apartment is a sign advertising the bank for anyone driving on the street. The sign is in between the third and second floor, held up by one old, rust peg. The advertisement is in the shape of a triangle, flat on the top and comes to a point at the bottom. Someone driving on the street would see the full triangle from that angle, from the back of the bank it looks like a line in the building. The backside of the bank has a drive through window roofed by a slim concrete rectangle. The end of this roofing is supported by thin beams of cement. Inside the apartment, Kirsten puts on a pot of tea to start to heat. above the stove is a window to the left is part of the countertop with utensils, oven mitts, and other objects used in the kitchen, following the counter leads to the den. At the end of the counter is a desk, underneath another window, there is no archway or anything leading into the den. Between the desk and the counter is a surge protector on the floor. Plugged into the surge is a fan sitting beside the desk aimed toward the open window. After putting the tea on, she proceeds to gather up the garbage Ina bag. She sets the bag of garbage on the table, and it tips slightly. A rubber ball comes out and rolls to the floor. It bounces into a small toolbox next to the doorway to the kitchen. She picks up the toolbox and places it onto the counter. The tea starts to shoot steam out the hole. It is aimed right at the window and it starts to condense around the sides. Kirsten pulls out a level, a hammer, the rubber ball, and a few screws from the box. After clearing it out a bit, she pulls put a towel that was in the bottom. She has set everything else on the counter beside the stove. The level shows that the counter is tilted toward the den, and the only thing keeping the ball in place is a screw. She tosses the towel down onto the hammer, and pours some tea in a cup. The garbage bag on the table tips a little more, and a bottle of water falls onto the floor too. The bottle has no cap, and still had some water in it, the water splashes onto the hardwood floor near the surge. Seeing this, she kneels over to clean it up, whilst kneeling, she reaches up to grab the towel. She accidentally pulls the hammer too, and the hammer falls onto the floor making a loud thudding sound. She picks the hammer up and places it above the desk on some papers on the windowsill facing the bank and the one way street.  She sees the fan catching the papers and almost blowing them out, so she shuts the surge off. After all this, she picks up the bag of garbage to take it out to the back. Right before she opens the door to leave, her landlord comes pounding at the door, yell for her to open up and pay her rent. There is someone else with him who he tells that he heard a noise from the room a few minutes prior (the hammer falling). Silently, she creeps to another window in the apartment and climbs out to the fire escape. As she's doing so, a breeze comes through the house. The screw by the rubber ball moves and the ball starts to roll down the counter. As it gets to the end, it falls off. It falls right onto the switch of the surge protector, turning it on. The fan starts up and catches the papers again. The hammer on top starts to slide bit-by-bit out the window. Kirsten starts to head down the fire escape stairs. As she gets under the sign that's advertising the apartment building, the hammer falls and strikes one of the rusty metal peg holding the sign up. The peg breaks due to its age. The sign falls outward, but is stopped by the other peg from falling on Kirsten. As it broke, Kirsten flinched and cowered down. The sign is right above her. At that moment, Chip and Melissa come around a corner to see what happened. Chip also notices something else, something that worries him. Going around the band to under the roof of the drive through is Ryan. He knows that it can't be just a coincidence. A car starts heading down the street. Melissa calls out to Kirsten. Kirsten looks around and sees her. She raises a hand to wave, but the garbage bag gets caught and tears, spilling garbage down to the street below. As she looks down over the railing, the peg still holding the sign gives way and snaps. The sign falls and slams into her back, and crushing her against the railing, breaking several bones in her body. She and the sign fall over the side and hit the car. Kirsten falls in front of the car and gets run over, while the sign breaks the windshield and hits the driver, knocking him out. The car looses control and head toward the bank. Ot wasting a moment, Chip and Melissa run to where Ryan was. The car hits into a support beam, and part of the roof falls in. Just before it falls, the two manage to tackle Ryan out of the way, for he was right under the part that caves in. Ryan's life is now saved.              Sitting there, looking at Kirsten's dead body, Chip is emotionally torn. In the background, he faintly hers Ryan freaking out and Melissa trying to calm him down. Chip glances around to see them rather close to him. The car tires were still spinning by the bank as the driver awkwardly climbs out. He is perfectly fine. Chips vision starts to blur. He is suddenly taken back to the bridge. He's alone on a platform, no one there. As he looks around, Cory appears on the end where he fell to his death. To Chips left, he sees the train on the corner, where Lauren was pinned. Suddenly, he woke up. Melissa was shaking him wildly. Unsure what he just saw and what it meant, he tells Melissa that they need to find Lauren. As he does, he snaps back to the bridge, and sees both Cory and Lauren fall off the bridge and fall right onto sharp, thin objects. One a metal walkway piece, the other a large piece of broken glass, cutting them both in half. As he wakes again, he tells Melissa of his new discovery. they will both die by getting gashed near the waist.  They run to their car, leaving Ryan there. They head straight to the mall where Lauren's sister Jean works. They know that Jean works in a gym on the fourth floor of the mall, but they don't know where exactly that is. Meanwhile, back at the mall, Lauren and Jean are cleaning up the gym. It is closed for the day because of new equipment coming in. Lauren checks her phone to find out that the battery is dead. Another worker of the gym comes in with a long cart of treadmill. The cart has four treadmills on side-by-side. He parks the cart next to big glass windows. The cart is pulled by a small motorized lift-type thing. Its parked parallel to the windows, so the tracks move toward the window, but theres still some room between the cart and the window. The worker then says that he will go get a forklift to move the treadmills then he's going and taking a break. He leaves, and Jean tells Lauren to plug all the machines in and test them out. She starts one of them up near the end and it works great. She stops it to write down the cereal number and performance on a clip board. As she's doing so, it starts up again for a second and stops. She changes her prognosis to defective.  Chip and Melissa pull into the parking lot and run into the mall. They rush to the elevator, but it closes as they get there. They proceed to run toward the stairs.  The other worker comes back in driving a forklift and parks it beside the cart, one of the teeth underneath it. Jean tells him to leave it running, they would use it in a few minutes. Jean sparks up talk about the train crash. Lauren casually explains what all she knows, still believing that there are still people before her. As they talk, Jean puts an empty stand beside the forklift, next to a line of chairs. She then starts to put dumbbells on the stand along with numerous other weights. A rack on the stand bends slightly unnoticed, right above the forklift. Lauren goes back to fiddling with the defective treadmill. Sh unplugs it from the outlet beside the window, and pulls out an extension cord to plug it into a different one. She lead the cord along the side of the cart past the stand of dumbbells that Jean was setting up. Jean moved to tightening the chair legs, lying on her back under the chairs. Lauren walks back to between the cart and the window. As she stands there, the rack that bent earlier bends more, and du,bells start rolling off the stand, hitting the forklift controls. One of the heavier dumbbells on that rack falls on Jeans foot, hurting her pretty badly. The forklift starts to raise up. Lauren attempts to go around the end with the defective treadmill to get to Jean, but the cart tilts forward, hitting against the window and cracks it. By this point, Melissa and Chip made it to the third floor across from the gym. The windows of the gym face into the mall, the door to the gym being on the side where the windows are at the edge of the floor, dropping straight off into the mall below. They look up to see the window crack, and Chip knows that this is where they will find Lauren. The cart raises further and further. As the forklift gets higher, the cart slides off, breaking through the window. Lauren, still being between the cart and the window, can't make it around, so she tries to jump through the treadmill. She lands hard on the treadmill as the end of the cart goes out the window, pulling at the odd just enough to move the stand, but not enough to unplug it, for the cord was tangled around a chairlift near the outlet. The stand tilts and just as Jean stands up, it falls on top of her. A heavy dumbbell hits her head, knocking her put. Lauren looks around slowly. She realizes that she's above the mall now on the cart. The treadmill slides to the edge of the cart, so the end of the track is hanging over the mall. The control panel sparks and the treadmill starts up. Lauren just manages to grab on to the hand hold on the control panel. As she does, a huge piece of glass comes free and falls into the mall below. As it falls, more glass comes free and hits into her legs, preventing her from full use of them. As she. Struggles to get back into the gym, she slips and hold on to the sides as her stomach lands on the end of the tracks where it turns back underneath and heads to the front of the treadmill with her legs dangling. Melissa makes it to the gym before Chip. She leaps onto the cart and catches Lauren right as she looses her grip. Chip gets there moments later and yanks the cord, shutting off the machine. Him and Melissa pull Lauren to safety and check on Jean. Lauren is saved, but need medical attention to her legs. Without hesitation, Chip and Melissa lead her to the nearest emergency exit and call an ambulance. 

     Lauren has to be taken to the hospital, while Jean needs to stay and explain what happened. Lauren panics saying that she already made the mistake of being alone, she doesn't want to go the hospital alone in case still her time. Coming to a quick fix, Chip tells Melissa to go with her while he goes to find Cory. Melissa is slightly reluctant to go, but agrees seeing how she needs to be there for Lauren. As the ambulance leaves, Chip turns to head to his car, but a second ambulance arrives. He watches as they run to the first floor of the mall. He follows slowly. He sees a large crowd below the window where Lauren almost died. As he got closer, he started to panic. On the ground was Cory. Through his waist is a large piece of glass, his body propping it upright.then he understands a major mistake they made, and what that flashback to the bridge meant. They got the order wrong. The flash back referred to Cory falling from the motion the train made on the platform as it fell. Lauren fell as the train car fell. Cory fell as the train car was about to fall. Cory died before Lauren on the bridge. Chip also realizes at this point that Melissa is next and she's only getting farther away. He runs to his car and rushes to the hospital. As he gets there he sees a janitor move a janitor cart through a maintenance door. On the cart he sees an open can of gas. This reminds him of Melissa burning right before his eyes. Melissa gets directed to a patient room where Lauren will be staying after her legs are tended to. She turns back to the nurse questioning where to sit, for there are no seats in the room, not even a bed. The nurse explains that since both of Lauren's legs are injured and she will need to stay the night anyway, the doctor will just wheel her back on the bed if she'd like. The nurse moves to the hall and brings in a wheel chair. On the back is an oxygen tank. Melissa turns the chair around and pushes the back against a wall. The nozzle of the tank starts to push against the wall. She reaches into her pocket to get her phone. A lighter falls out and falls to the floor unnoticed. The Thumb wheel and flint land right underneath the wheel of the wheelchair. Her phone read no service so she pushes it back into her pocket. Chip starts running through the hospital yelling for either Lauren or Melissa. Melissa leans back, pushing the tank against the wall more, and oxygen starts to leak from the tip. After a few minutes, Chip gets to a hallway. He sees the cart at the end in front of an open door. He blogs it down the hall, calling Melissa's name. As he gets to the doorway into the room, Melissa stands up. The movement of the chair causes the wheel to go over the flint part of the lighter, causing a spark. The spark catches the oxygen and leads back to the tank. The tank explodes incinerating Melissa and sending Chip smashing into the wall beside the cart. The open fuel can tips over and start to cover Chip in gas. Stunned from the explosion, Chip is unable to get up as a train of gas starts making its way to the fire in the room. Just before it reaches the fire, the trail is interrupted by a crutch. Lauren decided to use crutches and got there just in time to save Chip.

       A few months later, Chip and Lauren start dating. The two also have become good friends with Ryan after explaining everything to him.  All three of them have completely lost contact with Jake after his life was saved. One day, Chip gets a call from Ryan while at his apartment where him and Lauren live. He tell him that he ran into Jake and explained as much as he could, and Jake would like to apologize for the way he treated them about James, before he died. He also has to do it soon because he is leaving for college later that day. Lauren is out shopping right now, so the three guys mwill go meet up at the store she's at. She's at this hardware stoop not too far away. Chip is the first to get there. As he's walking in, he looks up the road. A truck is parked by a gas station, it is a supply truck for the department store. At the gas station, he also sees Ryan and Jake filling up the car before stoping at the store. Chip walks in, and to the right is a greenhouse for gardening, through the windows, he can see the gas station up the hill, and another truck getting ready to leave that had just restocked the greenhouse. To the left as he walks in is a long stretch to the other side of the hardware store. Straight ahead, he spots Lauren walking to the left at the back of the store. As he walks forward, a manager locks his path with a line of tape, closing off the one aisle. In this area, a ceiling fan display malfunctioned.  Chip looked back to the doors. He could see Ryan's car pulling in looking for a parking space. Beside the door, he also say some pipes labeled plumbing, and water. Chip turned back and headed for Lauren. As he got to her, she turned to him and jumped, not expecting to see him there. She dropped a pair of pliers that she was holding, it fell and landed on his foot. She had a slightly confused look on her face to why he was there. He said that there was someone who needed to talk to them. As they turned to go find Jake Ryan runs into them, scaring Lauren even more. She jumps again, and laughs it off. Ryan tells them that Jake is waiting at the door. The three head to the front of the store. Jake is standing directly in front of them in front of the doors. Suddenly, a warning cry is heard from outside. The truck at the gas station lost control heading down the hill. As the other truck was pulling out, the first truck swerved to avoid it, heading straight for the greenhouse. It comes barreling thought the glass, right into the store. The front of the truck plows into Jake and blocks the doorway. The front of the truck also catches fire. A closer inspection reveals that the truck hit the pipes labeled plumbing. People throughout the store start to panic and head for an emergency exit. A power surge goes through the store as well, and the ceiling fans start to speed up and shake. Chip Lauren and Ryan look around for a way out. The they goes backward a bit and get to beside the ceiling fan displays. As they do, the truck explodes, sending balls of fire into the store. Some debris flies into the display, and a fan blade comes loose and flies off. It head for the three, and gashes Chip in his leg. This causes him to limp. They can see two emergency exits in to store. One of them is on the far left side next to some carpeting on rods on the wall, the other is n the back. Most customers are already through this door, however, a fire has started next to this door, forcing the other three to head for the far door. As they get closer, another explosion comes from the truck, knocking aisles over in a domino effect. They all tip over until they reach the far wall where the exit is. The last aisle tips over and leans against the wall. As the three get there, the sprinklers turn on. The truck hitting the pipes has caused problems with the system. Barely and water is coming out, Ryan looks under the aisles to see the door. H gets down on his stomach to crawl under to reach the door. The door opens outward, so they will be able to escape. As he gets closer to the door, the aisle falls slightly more. A rod from the carpeting falls and gets wedged above him, wedging Ryan under the shelves. A piece of metal fall through to, and strikes the floor beside him, causing a spark. Unable to move, Ryan calls for help. Chip and Lauren do there best to clear stuff out of the way. As Chip moves a box, he sees several cans of gas on a shelf. One of them is leaking and is getting all over Ryan. Chip tries to reach the cans. Before he does though, some more cans tumble from somewhere else in the aisle and roll in front of some boxes of nails. Above them, a carpet on the wall comes loose. It falls, causing Lauren and Chip to fall back. It also pushes the piece of metal, causing another spark. This catches the gas under Ryan, lighting him on fire. As he burns, the sprinklers go out completely. Lauren pulls at Chip to get out some other way. As she turns, Chip gets up. He runs toward the back to see the other door. Before he gets there, a sound comes from the shelf above. He looks up in time to see a box falling. He manages to duck down to the ground, as it lands between him and Lauren. As he looks back to her, he can see the fire at Ryan. The fire reached the gas can in front of the nails. He yells for her to get to the ground as well, she turns to see what he means as the can explodes. Nails are sent through the air and several impale her in numerous spots on her body, one in her neck. as she falls to the ground, Chip crawls to her. She lays on the ground bleeding and dying. Her look of pain in her eyes turns to curiosity right in front of he gathers himself, he realizes that there is no fire. Lauren tilts her head about to question seeing him in the store and drops a pair of pliers that hit Chips foot. Stunned, Chip swings around without a word. He jumps as he sees Ryan right behind him. Chip starts to panic wildly now. He makes the turn to see the front of the store. Near the doors he sees Jake standing there. As he cries out to him, a truck comes through the greenhouse and plows into him.  

    That's where it ends. Now, one of two things happen. 

1. Chip has the vision at the end and MAY survive along with Ryan and Lauren if he utilizes the warning correctly 2. Chip vision at the end never happened, and that was reality. Jake Ryan and Lauren all died in the store for sure, and Chips death is inferred to be inevitable. 

    Recap of deaths: Dave: impaled through neck by scissors Sara: severe head trauma to back of head James: suffocated buy cord on stairs Kirsten: crushed by sign and car Cory: severed by falling gym window glass Melissa: incinerated in hospital explosion Jake: crushed between hardware store and wall Ryan: possible survivor, or burned to death Lauren: possible survivor, or impaled through body by nails Chip: possible survivor, or death in hardware store (unknown)

I hope you like my idea for a final destination scenario!!!!    

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