This is a continuation of my other story. This story will have a conclusion to the events of the first story and it's characters, so please read my other story before this one to fully understand!!! So remember, the events of the first one happened in about June and the several weeks after. The ending occurred several months after, so it's starting to get cold as summer has turned into late fall as this happens. Also, the setting is the larger town that has the mall, hardware store, train station, and other buildings. Not the small town that Chip was from in the first story. Again, both the town and city are close together.

     Will, a high school teacher, is out for a weekend with his friends and wife. They are planning to go to this resort not too far out of town. This was his wife, Zoey's, idea. They are going with one of Wills friends, Lex, and his wife, Lydia, who is best friends with Zoey.  Lex is a construction worker. Him and Will were best friends in high school, but chose very different career paths. After they pack up and head out, Lex asks to stop at a hardware store to see his brother, Bradley, to give him his house key to house sit while he's gone. Bradley works at the hardware store. As they get to the store, they can see two trucks up the hill at a gas station. The four go into the store, and Zoey wants to run to the back to grab some lightbulbs for her book light, which broke in the car. Will and Lydia go with her while led heads to find Bradley. As they get to the back of the store, they find another small group of people. Upon seeing all the people in their way, the three are at first annoyed, then Zoeys face lights up. She recognizes a few old school friends of hers. She goes over to talk to them, introducing Will and Lydia to every one of them. First is a woman named Abbey. She is with her husband Dean. The other is a guy named Richie. As their talking, they mention their plans for the resort. Immediately, a face pops around the corner. A fellow teacher that works in the same school as Will looks to the group. Her name is Eva. She overheard he plans and knew how Will was going, so she took the chance to say goodbye to Will. As she's talking, Lex and Bradley come to the group. The different people there split up and go back to their business. The four friends leave to get the light bulb that Zoey needs. As they get to the wall, Will glances over to his right, there he sees three people standing and talking. After a few more seconds, Zoey finds what she needs, they turn to leave, and Will notices the three people gone. Suddenly, someone crashed into the store. Will runs over to the end of the aisle and sees a huge truck against the wall, that had crashed through the greenhouse part of the store. Gas is getting everywhere, and a fire has started. He sees the three people, a woman and two guys horrified, as the truck explodes, sending balls of fire everywhere. A piece of debris flies over the counter at the front, heading straight for a worker. Lex gives out a yell as he realizes its his brother. The flaming debris slams into him, killing him. As they watch this, a fan blade comes loose and hits one of the three strangers in the leg. As he crumbles over, the other guy starts to run for the far exit. The guy on the ground yells for him to stop, that he'll die. Will shoves everyone to the other door, as he sees a huge crowd of people there. The four turn for a different door. As they do, the sprinklers turn on, but they are faint, the truck has ruptured the water line pipes. As they rush down isles, they see Abbey and Dean. Behind them, Will sees several propane tanks. They rush toward them to get them out with the four. As they move, another explosion occurs. A piece of the piping in the wall where the truck hit ricochets and is sent into the store. It flies through Abbeys torso, and stops in Deans lung. This kills both of them. The fire is getting dangerously close to the propane tanks. The four continue running, and head back to the crowded door. Halfway through an isle, the skylights start to shatter. A larger piece of glass falls and slashes into Lex. He falls to the ground, covered in his blood, dead. The sprinklers slowly fade completely and turn off. Will and Zoey pull Lydia with them until they see the crowded door. In horror, they see a fire erupting from the door, and a girl on fire runs toward them. The girl has bright red hair, as red as the fire spreading from her arms and legs to her torso. After several seconds, she falls to the ground. The remaining three turn to find another exit. Will sees one further down the store, but an isle is leaning against it. Beside the isle, the girl and guy with the gashed leg are standing, yelling for someone named Ryan to come back. Then the isle bursts into flames, and the guy stands up straight. The girl turns to head for another door, but the guy pushes her down, as a small explosion comes from the isle, sending nails to where she was standing moments before. Zoey points out three other people down a different isle. These three are Eva, Richie, and another employee of the store. As the six people start to make their way to each other, a piece of metal comes flying from somewhere else in the store and goes right behind Eva, in front of Richie. Richie stops abruptly. Blood starts to come out of a slit in his neck. The metal cut his throat. Eva and the employee turn to help him, but he dies. Above them, toilets are displayed on a large metal shelf. The support for the shelf has all but faded. The shelf leans forward slightly, and one of the toilets falls, hitting Eva on he back of the head, killing her. The shelf them completely falls, and the  employee is crushed. The three left only see one other exit, the greenhouse that the truck came through. Apparently, the girl and guy with the gashed leg felt the same way. As they head there, they pass an aisle and see several people running.  As their running, the aisle beside them on fire falls on them. After they see this, the three come across the girl, hunched over the guy who had his leg gashed open by the fan blade. The guy is laying on the ground, surrounded by blood, and metal spikes from a fence through him. Zoey tries to pull the girl away from the scene. The girl looks up, and shouts in terror. The fire has reached the propane tanks where Will first saw Abbey and Dean. Will pulls Zoey away from the area. After they get a safe distance away, Zoey stops him. They look back to see Lydia still trying to help the girl get away, but she refuses to leave. The propane tanks explode, reaching past Lydia and the girls. Killing both of them. The blast sends Will and Zoey into the hole in the greenhouse that the truck made. As they lay there, a piece of cement from the top of the hole in the wall falls and crushed Zoey. Will kneels there in agony seeing his wife dead. Then more cracking is heard, and as he looks up, another piece comes loose and falls on him. As it hits him. He sees a sudden flash of light. In front of him is the big group of people, consisting of Zoey, Bradley, Abbey, Dean, Richie, Lydia, Lex, Eva, and himself. Immediately he panics, and tells everyone to get out. The commotion is small, but still another worker comes to help. Will recognizes him as the man who died with Eva. He try's to rush everyone to the doors. Lex leads him to leave, but Will insists that everyone gets out. The worker and Bradley have had enough, and force everyone there to leave. As they get to the door, will sees the red headed girl who was on fire. He grabs at her and try's to stop her from going in. This gets her involved in the commotion, and she gets forced along with the rest of the group. In the parking lot, Will notices the man who gets his leg gashed, his friend, and a third guy. The girl must already be inside. Before he can call to them, the workers silence him and start to complain and question him. The three guys have now entered the store. Will starts to explain how he saw that the store will fall to ruin. Up at the gas station, he sees the truck that crashes through the greenhouse. He yells that that truck will cause everything. As he's complaining, another truck already at the greenhouse starts pulling out. The entire conversation is stopped as the sound of screeching tires is heard. The disaster truck swerves to avoid the other, and crashes into the store. Bradley and the other worker rush toward the building to see what they could do. The worker starts to head around to the alley to get to the emergency exits of the store. Bradley heads to the main door to see if he can get the driver out. As he opens the door, the truck explodes, sending his body into the parking lot. All the survivors stand there in shock and Lex gives out a cry.

     Several days later, all the survivors gather together at a memorial far the victims of the hardware store. The nine people that Will saved all gather around him. He learns that the employees name is Jay. He also learns that the red heads name is Kara. She is rather quiet throughout the entire ordeal. All the people ask him what happened. He couldn't explain any of it, so the employee pulls out a video tape. He tells Will that it's the final footage of the store, and that there is a way that Will can prove that he really did see what he claims. All survivors gather at Jays house the next day. Jay asks Will to explain in detail how the store got destroyed. Will does so, leaving out when everyone died. After he finished, jay put in the tape. It showed everything that Will said that he saw. It even showed how the guy with the injured leg died. In one area of the store was an outdoors display section. This section was fenced in a metal fence. Next to the fence was a grill and a fuel can. The can caught fire during the panic, and exploded as the guy and girl was passing. The explosion damaged a part of the fence, sending metal spikes into the guys body. It kept playing until the propane tanks exploded and killed the girl and would have killed Lydia. Kara, Eva, Dean, Abbey, and Richie all quietly get up and leave. Led decides that he's seen enough, so he takes Lydia and leaves. As Will and Zoey get up to leave, Jay states that he's glad that Will saved him. He plans on proposing to his girlfriend now that he has a second chance. 

     Three days after the meeting, Abbey and Dean call up Zoey to go out for dinner. The night before it had snowed pretty badly.  Will would have loved to go, but didn't feel it was right, and plus, it is a school night and it was too cold for his liking. Abbey and Dean just go to the restaurant without them then. After they finish eating. The decide to go for a walk in the cool air. They walk for several blocks before Dean realizes that he forgot his wallet in the restaurant. He looks at his watch and realizes that the place closes in ten minutes. So he and Abbey rush back. On a major road, there was a car crash, no one was seriously injured, but the commotion causes the two to go through an alley. After a slight curve in the alley, they can see the street. As they get closer, a garbage truck starts to back into the alley, blocking their path. Dean starts yelling and hitting the truck,  And reluctantly, the driver moves. As he pulls forward, the truck scrapes against the adjacent building. This causes several icicles to come loose and fall, right over the two. Some of these ice spikes impale Abbey, as the others shatter around Dean. As Dean gathers himself, he notices that Abbey is on the ground, impaled with icicles. One of these went through her stomach. Several cops from the accident down the street rush toward the commotion, and after seeing Abbey, shove Dean out into the street. Cops question him about what happened. As they do, Dean backs into the street more. More ice falls from the building, drawing the officers attention. As they looks back to the alley a car comes roaring past the street, slipping on the ice, and plows into Dean. The car carries Dean across the street and hits into the garbage truck, pinning Dean between the two vehicles. Abbey and Dean are both dead. 

     The next few days go by rather slow. Will and Zoey become rather surprised when the red head, Kara, shows up at their house  four days after the death of Abbey and Dean. At first she's a little skeptical about taking to them. However, she knows that there is something that they must know. Several months prior, her younger sisters boyfriend has something similar happen while they were dating. A small group of students from their school were going on a train ride, and her boyfriend had a vision that the train would crash on a bridge, killing everyone. The guy panicked and a handful of people were kicked off of the train, including her sister. The next few month, everyone ended up dying. Everyone had died until there were only four left. Will doesn't fully understand, so she goes further. Her sisters name was Melissa, and her boyfriends name was Chip. Kara had dated one of the people who had gotten off of the train, however he died not too long after, he was the first of the survivors to die.  Later on her sister tried to get her to believe that all the survivors were all going to die. Kara never believed her, at least not until Melissa died in a hospital explosion. At that same time, Chip was also about to die, but a friend of his saved his life. After she finishes, she pulls out a video tape. The tape is a video of the hardware store. She had stopped over at Jays on the way over and borrowed it. As she played it, she pointed some stuff out. When the truck first hit into the store, it hit someone. That someone was a man named Jake. Chip had saved his life twice prior to that day. Once was the train, the other he had pulled him free of some train tracks before an oncoming train would have hit him. As the tape continued, she pointed out someone else. The man who was under the shelf was a man named Ryan. He was in college and was dragged off of the train in the commotion as well as Chip and Melissa. Chip saved his life when a car took out a support beam over part of a bank, causing a piece of cement to nearly fall and kill him. Chip pulled him out of the way before that could happen. Kara  pointed out too other people in the video as well. The girl and the guy with the gashed leg. The guy was Chip, and the girl was a girl named Lauren. Lauren and Chip dated after the death of Melissa. Lauren was the one who saved Chip in the hospital. Earlier that day Chip and Melissa had saved Lauren from a treadmill incident in the mall. In the video, Chip had been impaled by several metal spikes from a fence. As Chip and Lauren were looking for a way out of the store, they passed an outdoor display. A grill and fuel tank caught on fire in the area next to a fence enclosing the display. As the fuel tank blew up, it sent some of the spikes of the fence into Chip. Seeing Chip die in front of him, Lauren couldn't take anymore and stayed over him. At that point, the propane tanks exploded, killing Lauren and taking out the cameras. Will explained how that explosion would have killed Lydia and sent himself and Zoey to the greenhouse. Will isn't fully sure that he believes all this. Kara then tells him that the people from the train all died in the same order that they died in the vision. This information wakes Will up as he realizes that Bradley was the first to die, then Abbey and Dean. As they watch the video several more times, they finally get the order of everyone down. After Dean died, the order goes: Lex, Kara, Richie, Eva, Jay, Lydia, Zoey, then Will. Will still isn't sure about everything, so he kindly asks her to leave so he can think about everything. She leaves quietly, hoping that she wasn't too late. 

     The next day, Will tries to get a hold of Lex. He finds out that Lex is still at work. A new addition is being put on a huge building in town, so there is quite a bit of scaffolding around the building. Lex is working diligently at his job. He is standing on the edge of the scaffolding about two stories up, directing a crane to move a support beam up to this area. The beam is horizontal, being lifted from a pile behind the crane. On the beam, unnoticed by anyone, a hammer is wedged under the cable of the crane holding the beam.  Several feet from the bottom of the scaffolding, a table saw is set up to cut wood. it is a safe distance away from the support structure, so Lex is at ease about being close to the edge. As he waits for the crane to maneuver the beam, he follows to extension cord of the saw with his eyes, it leads right to a generator next to the crane. As the crane started to swing the beam around toward the building, screaming is heard from around the corner. The operator of the crane stops and looks to see what happened. The beam is left dangling right beside Lex. It turns out that a power drill had fallen and landed next to Someone sitting on the curb a little too close to the work site. As everyone gets back to work, someone points out the hammer to Lex. Lex assures everyone that he can get it, he climbs onto the beam, not too worried about the height seeing as its not deadly to fall. As he reaches the halfway point, he glances down. The table saw is right below him. He continues forward a bit more and pulls at the hammer. Once it comes loose, he turns to head back. As he's  moving, the beam moves slightly in the wind. He stumbles a little bit and grabs the cable above the beam. Doing so, the hammer falls from his grip. It falls onto the beam with the head hanging off. As Lex reaches down to retrieve the hammer he slips. He falls off the beam and lands on the table saw. The saw blade cuts into his back, but not too deep. He lays there stunned for a second unsure what just happened. As he's starring up, he watches as the hammer falls. It hits the power button for the saw, turning it on. The blade cuts through his back and waist completely, cutting Lex in half.  

     As soon as Will found out about Lex he called up Kara. He now fully believed in what she had told him earlier. He also knows that she is next on the list. He and Zoey rush over to her place later that day. Kara is very calm and docile. She doesn't care if she herself dies, she already lost many people in her life, including her younger sister. She only warned Will about everything so he could save the others. She admits that she would like to live, but she honestly doesn't care if she dies. Will tries to convince her to live fully and have a meaningful life.  She basically ignores his plea and sits quietly. Nothing else happens for the rest of the night, but Will and Zoey stay there anyway. The next morning, Will gets up early to go to work. Zoey tells him she will stay with Kara for the day, and after schools over, Will will stay with her. While will is gone, Kara explains more to Zoey. She tells her how when Chip and Lauren saved the lives of the other, they all still died. She still has no idea how to beat it in general. Even though four people were saved, they all met the same fate. Not long after they talk, Lydia comes by. The two explain everything to her as well. She immediately believes them after what happened to Lex. Lydia is in fairly good spirits for just loosing her husband. Lydia and Zoey go outside to talk about what to do about Kara. Next door they see a barbecue going on.   As Lydia shuts the door, she tells Zoey that Kara has fallen asleep upstairs so she turned the radio on so that if she woke she could not hear them. As they start talking, the neighbor opens her grill to check on her food. After tending to it, she turns up to the house. The grill is against her porch at the corner closest to Kara's house. Someone comes out of the house with a bottle of tequila. At first they offer some to Zoey and Lydia who promptly refuse. After pouring a few drinks they set the bottle on a table on the porch. One of the guys on the porch asks Lydia and Zoey over there. As they get onto the porch, he claims that he knows them from somewhere. As he tries to hit on them, another person comes up and exclaims that their some of the people who got out of the hardware store. Suddenly, they all seem to recognize the two girls. They all start to beg them to explain what happened and why all those people left. The first guys doesn't seem to care, and starts getting close to Lydia. Zoey sees this and tell him to back off. He tells her to shut up and tries to pull Lydia into the house. Lydia starts to scramble away, but the guy is persistent. Zoey finally has enough and gets between the two. Others see this and some try to help Zoey while others try to pull the guy away. In the commotion, someone shoves Lydia. She falls over and hits the table. The bottle of tequila falls and rolls across the porch to the edge above the grill. It stops a few inches away. The guy is now furious at Zoey and shoves her away, but she grabs onto his shirt and pulls him with her. She hits the floor and knocks the bottle onto the grill, causing it to burst and send flames everywhere. The guy looses his balance and falls over the railing of the porch and knocks over the grill. His shirt catches fire, and charcoal is sent everywhere and even over to Kara's house. Everyone focuses on helping the guy on fire, and no one notices the fire start on Kara's house. As the guy is finally put out, Lydia screams for Zoey. They both look to the house and see the corner on fire. The fire starts to spread to the porch. Zoey runs around to the other door to go get Kara. As she gets there she finds out the door is locked. As she gets back to the porch, she sees Lydia run into the house, and the fire cover the door directly after. Inside, Lydia makes it to Kara's room and pounds on the door for her to open. Inside she can hear things moving around. Inside the room, Kara fell out of bed and knocked the radio over, turning it up to max volume. She tries to turn it down, but the switch has broken off, and the power chord is plugged in behind her dresser. She cannot hear Lydia at the door. As she slides the dresser forward, the leg cracks on it, which makes it lean forward. After she unplugs the radio, she hears Lydia's panicked cries. Before she gets to the door to unlock it, the leg on the dresser breaks. This causes the dresser to fall, hitting Kara to the floor, and falls against the door. Kara falls back onto the nightstand, and lies there dazed. outside, people try to put the fire out, but it has spread up the wall and side of her house. As Kara stands up, she sees bright red and orange lights at the base of her window. See glances out to see the fire right outside her room. She runs over to her door and starts to move the dresser. As she pulls at it, her window cracks and some flames enter her room, starting to burn the ceiling. Outside, Lydia tells her that the doorknob won't move. The dresser hit it as it fell, cracking the door and wedging the bolt in the lock position. Kara starts to kick at the door. Zoey looks up the street and sees a fire truck pull in. She tells them that there are two people inside the house. Some if the firefighters run to the back door and kick it down. As they rush  in they find Lydia at the door to Kara's room. The fire inside her room has reacher through the wall and other bed and nightstand. One of the fighters pulls Lydia away and starts to lead her down and out, but she resists. As they turn, they see Zoey, who had pushed past the others outside and forced her way in. They both turn as they hear the other firefighters kick the door down. As they did, the door hits Kara and sends her back into the room. She lands in front of the nightstand and beside the bed. Above her the ceiling has caught fire and is about to give and cave in on her. The first fighter comes into the room but trips on the dresser that had fallen over by the door, causing him and the other firefighter behind him to fall, as they do, Zoey and Lydia rush into the room and jump over them. They grab Kara and pull her out of the room right as the ceiling caves. The two girls and the firefighters help to lead Kara out of the house. As they get outside they look back to the house. The entire side is on fire, and the window into Kara's room is engulfed in flames. 

     Hearing the news about Kara, Will takes a few days off of his job, he gets a substitute teacher to take his place. Him and Zoey sit and and decide that they need to stop everything before more people need to die. Zoey tell Will everything that Kara had told her. Zoey has been thinking and believes that since the order is so precise, that disrupting the order in a major way would throw it off. She figured that if saving a life can delay death, then saving several lives in one move can demolish the list. Will understands what she means, but keeps thinking on what else could be done. He does this just in case her idea doesn't work, furthermore in case they can't find a way using her thoughts to begin with, seeing how something like that created the list in the first place.  Eventually they come down to several options. The one that seems to be best fitting, but also the least likely to do is the death of the last person on the list. This would skip the lives of everyone else, but leave Will dead. Another option is save everyone like Chip did and just hope for the best. They have no idea what to do. 

          Will calls everyone up to get together and talk everything over. They all decide to meet at Lydia's house. While there, Kara explains how her sister and her friends had died, and how she nearly died in her house. Lydia expresses how she already knew about Melissa. Lydia is a nurse at the hospital where it happened. Kara also tells them that they all basically have the worst luck right now, if something bad and fatal can happen to any of them, it most likely will. They can't take any risks from here on out. Eva is not so sure that they are in the right mind and leaves without believing them. Richie decides to stay, only because they say he is next. Jay gets mad and says that Will, Zoey and Kara are all out to either kill them or scare them for fun. He leaves, only after insulting Will and telling them to never talk to him again. Several days go by and nothing seems to happen to Richie, so Will goes back to teaching. Kara is staying with Lydia since Lex died and Kara's house burned down, and Jay was not heard from. Will sees Eva in school several times, but they don't talk. As he gets home one night, he tells Zoey that maybe its still Kara's turn seeing how Richie is perfectly fine. Zoey tells Lydia to keep an eye on her while her and Will go talk to Richie. They find Richie at a Rover about to go fishing on his parents boat. Seeing how it's a Friday and he doesn't hate Will and Zoey like Jay does, he asks them to come along for a little bit. After getting onto the boat, the three head off onto the river. Richie stops the boat between both sides and sends out his line. Wile talking about the order, Will tells him how it may not be his time. Richie laughs and tells him that he didn't take Will al to serious at Lydia's house, so he's not to surprised to hear him say that. He now feels that Will lied to him and this is all some big joke. Up river he stand up to pull in a fish he catches. As he reels it in, he pulls out a cooler full of water and puts the fish inside. Once the fish is in he pushes the cooler down the near the back of the boat. Up ahead of them, unnoticed, several rocks are protruding out of the water. As Richie gets another bite, Will notices the rocks. Will jumps up to head to get a better view. Richie turns to look, as he does the fish gets free, causing him to jerk back and stumble slightly. In doing so he knocks over the cooler and the water spills out. He tries to turn on the motor to steer the boat away, but it doesn't work. In rage, Richie kicks it several times, then turns to the seat. He lifts it up and underneath pulls out a large chain with an small anchor type thing at the end. He tosses it into the water, and it catches a rock. The boat stops drifting several feet from the rocks, the current is leading right to them. As they sit there in the water, the chain moves slightly. Richie pulls at it lightly, and one of the links snaps under the water. The chain comes up easily, so Richie cusses out how cheep the chain is. Before anyone can do anything else, the boat hits one of the rocks. Richie pulls the chain together and turns to put it down on the bench. As he does, the motor turns on, sending the boat forward. All three loose their balance and fall, Richie over the edge and into the water. As he falls, he gets tangled in the chain, which goes caught in the propellor. It pulls him in and stops the boat. He gets trapped right below the surface facing down. As Will and Zoey get back up the realize he's not on the boat anymore. When they see him, he is face down in the water below the surface. Will reaches in and tries to pull him up, but the chain is wrapped too many times. After a hard hand at Richie's arm, Will slips on the water from the cooler, going over the edge. Zoey continues to try to pull him out, so Will tries to untangle him. As he pulls one part of the chain free, the propeller spins more which pulls Richie under some more. Will comes up yelling that he can't free him, so Zoey takes a deep breath and dives under. As she gets below Richie, she turns up and kisses him, letting some air into his mouth so he can breath. Will spots another boat up the river and calls out for their help, but their to far away to hear. The propellor moves again, pulling Richie's head next to it. As it keeps spinning, it cuts into Richie's ear. This causes him to flail and kick Zoey away. As she moves to give him more air, Will and Zoey see his body stop moving. Zoey dives under again, but comes up rather fast. Richie is dead. As he cut his ear, he let out all the air in his body as he tried to scream. 

      Will and Zoey are taken to the police station to be interrogated. They tell the officers exactly what happened on the boat. After everlasting hours they are let go. As they leave, one of the officers is ordered to follow them. Will and Zoey head straight to the school to get Eva the next day. As they get there the superintendent stops Will. He tells them that Eva told him how crazy he was and that he heard about the boat. He also tells Will that he has taken too many days off lately and can't be too trustworthy anymore. So in the midst of all that's going on, Will gets fired for everything that's been happening and how he seems involved in all the deaths. As they finish up talking, the officer that was following them comes into the school, seeing the police, the superintendent asks him to remove Will and Zoey from the building. As they all this is happening, Eva is in her room. It's her lunch period, and while she's in there, two students are making up a test. One of the science teachers come in asking her if she has room for several boxes of glass plates, beakers, and other stuff. She tells him to just put them all in the corner by the door. As the students hand in the tests, they go to leave. One of them accidentally knocks over a bock, and some glass falls out, along with a small, thin metal plate. Eva comes over, tells them to just leave, that she'll tend to it. She picks everything up and goes to the window with the broken stuff. The garbage can is there beside the air conditioner. As she dumps the glass into the bin, the metal plate hits the edge and falls to the floor. As she picks it up, the edge of the small plate cuts her finger. She questions what it is, sets it on the air conditioner and goes to her desk for a bandaid. Out the window she hears Wills voice. So she goes to the window and looks out. As she's looking out, the metal falls into the conditioner. It starts clapping and ticking rather loudly. The superintendent, who was walking by after dealing with Will, looks into her room to see what the noise was. She turns to tell him that she doesn't know, and that it scared her to death. As she turns back to it the metal is shot out and flies into her neck directly under her jaw. She falls back and pulls it out in panic. Blood starts to pour past her hands and starts to form a puddle on the floor. She starts to stumble all over the room and falls over the desks and onto the floor. As the superintendent stands over her, trying to help her, she dies in his arms from the loss of blood and then suffocation. Outside, Will, Zoey and the officer hear the commotion from the open window. The three run inside and find a group of teachers and students in the doorway to her room. The officer pushes everyone back and calls the station. Will and Zoey leave in utter silence as everyone is too occupied with what just happened. 

       The two need to find Jay and keep Lydia safe. Zoey and Will stop by Lydia's house on their way to Jays. They tell Kara to watch after Lydia. They go into the city to find Jay. The two pull up to his apartment and rush in.  Getting inside, they hit the button for the elevator, but realize its going up. They decide to take stairs. As they get to his room they find it locked. They start to knock on the door, but a neighbor of his tells them that he and his girlfriend, now fiancé, have just left. Will remembers the elevator. Zoey speaks up saying that it doesn't feel right that they just missed him. Will agrees and rushes out. When they get outside they see that his car is still there. Zoey and Will start to run down the streets. After making a turn, they see Jay at the end of the next block with a girl waiting to cross the street. The two exchange glances and start to make their way to him. Jay and the girl, Will guesses that thats his fiancé, turn to each other and keep their gaze. A block away, Will notices the light falter, and the crosswalk sign flash. The light stays green, and the crosswalk signals to cross. Jay and the girl still haven't noticed, but will soon. Will sees a truck down the street moving rather fast toward the intersection. He bursts into a run to get to Jay. Jay and the girl turn and start to cross. The girl stops to tie her shoe, but Jay doesn't notice, he continues onto the street. Will gets there and grabs Jays shirt to pull him back, just as the truck passes. As the two fall to the ground, they bump into the girl. The girl loses balance and falls into the street. The four, Will, Zoey, Jay, and the girl, all stall and stare at each other. Jay starts to yell at Will. Zoey raises her voice over his to tell him that Will just saved his life. while the three are arguing, the girl looks up and lets out half a scream. Before she could finish, a car comes down the street and slams into her. Jay collapses, and starts to sob. Several people come running and get in-between the three. Through all the people Will catches Jays angry gaze. 

        Will, Zoey, Lydia, and Kara all gather together at Will and Zoeys' house. They know that they clearly missed something, a civilian shouldn't have died like that. Will is staring at a picture of Jay proposing to the girl. The girls face seems strangely familiar to him. He asks Kara if she still has the tape she borrowed from Jay. As they watch, they see her in the hardware store. She is standing next to an emergency exit when the truck first comes in. As everything starts to go wrong, she is the first to rush through the door. Before long, the aisle falls onto the door and Ryan dies there. After the tape is over, Will understands what happened. In his vision, he faintly remembers seeing her among the other people as a flaming aisle falls on the group. This was after Jays death but before Lydia's. Before they even came across Lauren, they rewind the tape and pause when Will starts to flip out. In the vision after everyone separated, Jay would have made a left at the end of the aisle that they were in. This way would have lead straight to the path of the girl. They would have talked for a few minutes, then Jay would get back to work. This would have delayed her from getting to the exit. So the exit would be blocked before she got there, trapping her in the store. Since Jay had escorted the group out with Bradley, he never stalled her. She got out of the store and survived with the rest of them. After the truck hit, Bradley went to save the driver but died, while Jay went to circle around back to get to the exits. The girl had plenty of time to get out and away before anyone would have seen her. Kara wants to go and have a talk with Jay, but Will doesn't want her to go alone. So all four of them stick together and go to Jays house. 

        As they get there, they find out that he isn't there and hasn't been for a while. As they leave, the officer shows up. He is ere because someone had a gun stolen from their home, but upon seeing them he stops to talk. He knows that Will didn't cause Eva's death, or push that girl into the street. However, he's not to sure whether or not Will was involved with Richie, Lex, or Abbey and Dean. Will explains that he was teaching when Lex died, and that there were other officers there when the couple died. The officer knows that he was right there when Richie died, and that the story they gave is way too far out there. But this time he let's them go.  The next morning, Kara wakes up early from having a bad dream. She says it was like she was at the mall the day that her boyfriend Dave died. Only, Dave wasn't there. That day when she went on break she was going to the bathroom. After she got out she went into the mall below but Dave died. In her dream she got out of the bathroom and went into the mall below. She never saw Dave from up to so she didn't go to look for him. Instead she tried out the reclining chair that he was suppose to be on. A pair of scissors fell from above and stabbed her in the neck, just like what happened to Dave. She tells Will that if Dave had never gotten off of the train, then she would have hound a new way to the mall to go to work. But she knows that she would have died at the mall that day. She asks the others if they ever almost died like that. Lydia remembers the day at the hospital when Melissa died. Had that explosion not happened, she would have been heading out and home, but there was a huge crash on her usual route home. She occasionally thought that she was almost in that crash, so she believes that her thoughts were correct now. Will and Zoey tell them of a time when they were going to see their parents, but as they were about to go their car broke down. They planned on taking the bus but stopped at a bank first. They had to wait at the bank because the drive through had caved in when a car lost control and hit it. They missed their bus because of that. The bus had run off a cliff and killed everyone inside later that day. If Will would have known that it was involved with Chips vision he would have pondered that day sooner. However, he didn't know that it was involved. A girl was killed by a sign and car, which caused the car to loose control and hit the bank. The girl was saved from the vision that Chip had. Had Chip never had his vision, they would have never been alive. 

      Later on the four go back to Lydia's house. As they get there they find the power out. The four enter the house. Will and Kara go in first, followed by Zoey then Lydia. The doors swings shut and closes with a light click. Will tells the three girls that they have to keep Lydia safe. As soon as he says this, a gunshot rings out through the house. Will turns around and sees something drop to the floor. Through the faint light from the window, he makes out Lydia's body, blood slowly seeping into a puddle at his feet. Out of the dark corner from behind the door an arm with a hand gun at the end. The gun is out where the back of Lydia's head was moments prior. Jay steps out of the shadows, now aiming the gun at Will and Zoey. He blames the them both for the data of his fiancé. He plans on killing all of them, then going to the same officer that never truly trusted Will. He will get the officer to believe that Will had tried to kill him after killing Lydia, his wife, and Kara. Kara steps forward to tell him that everything isn't over, after the three are dead then Jay will still die, only no one will be left to help him. He aims the gun in her direction. At that moment, Will remembers what Zoey had suggested about the order. He reaches out and tries to wrestle the gun out of Jays grip. They both fall to the ground, as they wrestle around, the gun goes off again. Zoey and Kara both scream. Two more shots go off. Everything becomes still. Will stands up and looks down. The gun is laying on the ground pointing at Jays side. Some blood is coming out of a wound in the same direction. Jay twitches slightly, his breath coming short and fast. Will hears Kara whisper his name. He turns around and sees Zoey on the ground. One of the stray gunshots hit her in the side. As Jay dies, Will hunches over Zoey, begging her to stay with him. 

      Several weeks later, Will comes out of a resort. This is the same resort that they planned to go to before the store. It's the last day to enjoy, so he goes to the pool. Getting there, he meets up with Kara. After a while, the two decide that they hold pack. They go back to their room to get ready. As they get there, Zoey comes out and bumps into them. She has a bandage around her waist. The bullet had hit her, but was not too fatal. The three sat down and talked things over that night that Jay snapped. Jay was the last on the list, so his death had skipped three lives. This was a big jump and the list and seems to have destroyed it. Nothing bad has happened since then. As the three proceed to leave, Will tells them to stop at a bank so he can get money for the bus. Getting to the bank, Will notices the ceiling is cracked. He doesn't take too much notice, so they get money and leave. As they board the bus, Will gets a window seat. Zoey sits beside him and Kara in front of her. Will looks out the window and sees a truck. The truck looks surprisingly like the one that almost killed Jay. The bus starts to go. As the three sit talking, Zoey points to a book in the middle of the aisle. Will glances at it, then looks up a bit more. Beside the book is a newspaper. The newspaper shows the building that Lex was working on. Will glances around the bus one last time. In front he sees that they are going down a steep hill, with a cliff at the end and a sharp turn right before. As he looks back to Zoey, he feels the bus gaining speed. Someone expresses their concern to the driver, and he shouts that the brakes are gone. He tries the emergency brakes, but they don't work. As Will stands up, the bus goes flying off the cliff. 

That is the end. Now just like with my other story, two things can happen. The first is that the bus crashes and kills everyone inside, or Will, Zoey, and Kara all survive from another vision. 

Recap of deaths: 

Bradley, killed in truck explosion

Abbey, impaled by icicle

Dean, crushed between car and garbage truck

Lex, cut in half by table saw

Richie, drowned while being held under water by chain and propellor

Eva, impaled through neck with metal plate

Sophia (Jays fiancé unnamed in story),  run over by car

Lydia, shot in back of head by Jay

Jay, shot in side during fight with Will

Kara, possible survivor or killed in runaway bus

Zoey, possible survivor or killed in runaway bus

Will, possible survivor or killed in runaway bus


        Final destination plot idea new

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