• LorenzoCanales

    Days of Doom

    November 29, 2011 by LorenzoCanales

    I am going to write a fan fic and you may or if ou want you can ask to be a character

    The slots are


    Security Guard-

    Hotel Owner-

    Luca`s Girl friend-

    Luca`s cousin-


    You must tell me how they behave who they are and when they die

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  • LorenzoCanales

    Luca Krei

    November 29, 2011 by LorenzoCanales

    Luca Krei is the main visionary in Days of Doom. He and his friends worked at a resturant in Russia. He is also a survivor of the Hotel Xcite collapse. He was the Seventh and final survivor to die ==Biography== Luca Krei had lived in Miami, Florida but then he had moved away to Russia with his sister to work at one of the most high paying jobs avalible. At the job he had met and friended 4 workers at his job

    On his way to his 10th day of work he was driving there with his sister, Jamie Krei he kept spotting signs foreshadowing the terrible accident that would soon happen at the hotel. When the time came Luca had a terrifying vision of the hotel collapsing killing him, his sister, four of his friends, and the head of security. He then saves h…

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