This blog is to rate the Final Destination films from one to five, one being your favorite. Here's mine:

  1. Final Destination 5 - I personally think that FD5 is a breath of fresh air after the awful fourth installment. The acting was some of the best I've seen in the films, the script was solid and the deaths/suspense were unbelievable. The 3D was pretty damn good, as well.
  2. Final Destination - The film that started it all! This film has held the number one slot for years and years, not even beating the pretty damn awesome second installment. The deaths are incredibly thought out, the characters are perfectly developed, and the
  3. Final Destination 2 - The only reason I like this film, to be honest, is the opening car crash. It was just so damn amazing! The deaths, however, I think were incredibly stupid. Also, I never liked the failed attempt at a funny ending. When Tim's arm landed on his mother's plate, I remember groaning. Nonetheless, I like the film... not enough to hold number one, but it's nice.
  4. Final Destination 3 - Never really liked this one. The tanning bed deaths were just dumb, in my opinion, and the roller coaster accident wasn't as hyped up as the trailer makes it seem. The acting was bad (except for the incredible Mary Elizabeth Winstead and the amazing and perfectly named Texas Battle), the script was acceptable, and the special f/x were tolerable. Not really something I would revisit.
  5. The Final Destination - Oh God... where do I begin? Well, I think each and every death were all pretty damn stupid in their own ways. The acting was just horrible. The script itself pretty much relied on people dying. The alternate ending that I saw looked like a live-action version of a Roadrunner cartoon. In my opinion, FD4 shouldn't even be called a Final Destination film.

Well, that's my own personal opinion. How 'bout you all?

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