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    my final destination 6

    January 19, 2013 by Messy677ly

    So here's an idea for a fd6 movie:

    Cast:(I won't give last names cause i'm not that good making them up)

    1.Zac Efron as Sean

    2.Natalie Portman as Grace

    3.Amanda Seyfried as Allison

    4.Taylor Lautner as Thomas

    5.Daniel Radcliffe as Andy

    6.Emma Stone as Sherryll

    7.Jake Gyllenhaal as William

    6.Mila Kunis as Ivy

    Opening Sequence:College

    Some student is walking by the hallway and carries his lucky rock on the pocket, suddenly he stumbles at the concierge's cart and his lucky rock falls at the floor in front of the cart's wheel. Then Sean walks away and the concierge tries to pull the cart but cannot cause the rock. He then frustrated kicks the cart, spilling the alcohol, he without knowing about the alcohol pushes the cart one more time, making his lighter…

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